Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping the Family Happy

There are many things that contribute to the happiness of a family. I think that the mother has a large role in setting the tone for the home though, which in turn affects everyone's mood. You've all heard the saying, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" I think it rings true.

Being optimistic keeps everyone happy. I try to make sure that I have a good attitude and pay attention to how I respond to everything. By making a conscious decision to react in a positive way and be optimistic, it wears off on others and can make your day a whole lot smoother than it would be otherwise. 

Being able to laugh keeps our family very happy. Matt & I have always been the type that notice ridiculous everyday things and laugh about them. One time we were in an argument, and a song from Handel's Messiah came on iTunes. It was some opera guy making this guttural noise over and over again and we just looked at each other and died laughing! We couldn't even remember why we were upset with each other in the first place after we wiped away our tears from laughing so hard! Already our baby Ada is exhibiting the ability to laugh at herself, and it is so funny! She cracks herself up and I hope she continues to be able to be good-natured and laugh at the little everyday things.

Being flexible keeps our family happy too. I am a planner by nature, but know that having some flexibility is best. Especially when it comes to children! If the sun is out and the babe is happy, we will seize the moment and head out for a walk to the beach. Being spontaneous and taking advantage of those moments makes memories that will be cherished for years to come!

Being prepared is key to keeping peace in a family. I try to plan out what meals I am making for the week and grocery shop accordingly. There are always nights set aside for Costco pizza or leftovers, because there are definitely times when I'm not in the mood for cooking. For the most part though, we eat healthy, delicious meals at home. (Check out my food blog by clicking here or on the Kara in the Kitchen widget to the right). I find that doubling recipes or just freezing the leftovers is a great way to have home-cooked meals on busy evenings. There's nothing like doing the work once, then reaping the benefits multiple times! I like that my husband knows he will come home to a yummy meal after working hard at school and work, or at least the ingredients to make one! :)

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Lola's Ultrasound Pics

I had the anatomy scan the other day, and everything looks great! She is definitely a girl, has all 4 chambers of her heart, her measurements are right on, has all of her internal organs, and her heartbeat was a strong 153 bpm. 
She was wiggling around a ton and it looked like she was talking up a storm. I even saw her tongue, it was so cool! Here she is with her mouth open:
I told Ada she was saying hi to her :)
Looks like a little smile...
Little hands clasped together
Healthy spine & skull 
This pregnancy is flying by, it's amazing how busy and preoccupied another child keeps you. Ada pats my belly and says baby, then she lifts my shirt looking for where I'm hiding the baby doll! She loves babies so much and is always trying to hug and kiss em, I can't wait to see her with her little sister. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

15 Months Old

As of the 3rd of March, Ada is 15 months old!
Her check-up showed that she is a tall girl & her head is more proportionate to her body now :)
Height: 32.5 inches - 97th percentile
Weight: 25.6 pounds - 90th percentile
Head circumference: 18.5 inches - 75th percentile
She is such a fun, busy little girl. We had this box from Costco and she loved it.
Who needs fancy toys when you have your Papa to pull you around the house in a box? 
She's always on the go, running, and doing things with such purpose. Everything she does seems to have an important reason. I'm sure those peas needed to be off the shelf for some reason or another...
She is such a little character. She is saying more and more each day! Some of her words include: papa, baba (mama), MA! (her go-to word when she wants something), baby, bird, bowl, bow, hi, wow, eye, uh-oh, ohhh, buh-bye, happy, bink (her pacifier), box, food, side (outside), jew (juice), cheeeee (cheese), yum, num...
She does the signs for more, bath, and pats her head when she wants to go outside. She loves being outside!
Ada makes the funniest faces and then laughs at herself. 
She grabs the hymn book in church, opens it, and starts singing. She runs around with a book in her hand and reads it to herself:
Ada is such a fun little girl. I am so excited to see her with a little sister because she loves babies so much. 
She is getting 6 teeth in right now, and had a fever of 103 yesterday. She had two seizures because of her high temperature. I hope she grows out of these like her doctor says she will...they are so scary for us to watch and deal with. It does help to look at them as a defense mechanism to protect her brain though.
She loves her food, and doesn't turn anything away. 
We love our little boo bear!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Matt was watching Jimmy Fallon this morning & he had The Chieftans on. They are amazing! The violinist jumped up and started dancing, then two others joined him. Ada loved it & danced along.
The mess is from a crazy little leprechaun named Ada :) 

Friday, March 11, 2011


My mom got Ada these adorable sunglasses, and she loves them.
She really wanted her Papa to see her in them, so she called to him downstairs.
(Turn down your volume...the girl has pipes!)
Don't you just love our classy brick-printed linoleum?! Haha...oh rentals.
Love her playing peek-a-boo behind her shades!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!!!

After a roller-coaster of a morning due to my unorganized doctor's office...this was the best end possible to the day.
Meet Lola Jennie Miller! In 3D! Here she is smirking behind her hands.
And hiding behind them here...
We love her so much! 
She was a wiggle worm and danced all around for us. Then, at the end, she snuggled up and went to sleep.
Ada was pointing at the screen saying, "Baby!" Then came up to me with her shirt pulled up like it was her turn to have an ultrasound :) 
I am so thrilled to be having two sweet baby girls close together just like my sister and I. 
I get choked up thinking about them holding hands, hugging, singing & dancing together, and growing up as best friends.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Notes About Santa Cruz IV

- This happens when you go to Costco.

Because, really, who can think of a better place to meditate than in the noisy food court? I took the video after Ada tried saying hi to them multiple times and they ignored her.
- Matt was in the parking lot of Kragen auto parts changing the lightbulb in our Volvo. A guy next to him was fixing something in his van, and they got to talking. He told Matt that he was starting a movement with a group of musicians traveling to New Orleans. "What kind of movement?" Matt asked. "A gypsy movement," he replied. Good luck with that buddy!
- Right after telling me that story, we saw this lady:
She had a fancy collection of scarves on her hat.
- You can find a group of people at Steamer Lane hula hooping at sunset to some crazy music. When I told Matt about how hilarious they all looked, he said, "Babe, it's called hoop dancing!" (Like I was the last person on earth to hear about this awesome craze that is sweeping the nation.) Evidently he's heard people on the bus talk about it.
- We were leaving the park and Ada was sad to go. She was crying as we put her in the stroller, and a mom said, "Say, 'Mommy I need a boob!'" I looked up at her and said, "Oh no, she's not nursing anymore!" Matt thought I was rude, but I thought she was crazy. So there :) I wondered about her three-year-old son as they walked away...ughhh
- Students at UCSC just protested tuition hikes by getting nekkid and laying out on a field, spelling out, "Free Education." These were not the type of people you want to see in their skivvies...I changed the channel when the news came on! Thank goodness Matt's classes are nowhere near the East field!
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