Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lola is 7 months old!

As of March 7th. We had her 6 month check-up late - here are her stats:

Weight: 20 lbs. 12 oz. 90th percentile
Length: 27.7 in. 90th percentile 
Head Circumference: 18.11 in. 100th percentile

Favorite things to say: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! And, "Ma-ma!" She is a total Mommy's girl :)
Rolls onto her side and props her elbow under her. It looks like she's a supermodel posing or just finished break dancing.
Loves to play with her big sis, and is very tolerant and tough. 
Waves hi and bye.
Has her two bottom teeth coming in! Two months earlier than her big sister got hers.
Loves to pat your face sweetly then GRAB your nose when you least expect it.
Has to have her face burrowed or covered to fall asleep.
Likes to click her tongue, blow raspberries, and say tah-tah-tah
Gets on all fours and rocks back and forth like crazy! It looks like she's going to take off!
Is crawling, pulling herself up on things, and standing. 
Likes being in the walker, but mostly likes to be held.
Loves bath time and sleeps really well afterward.
Has fair skin, straight hair, and blue eyes.
Has the sweetest cheeks you can't help but kiss!
Has rolls on top of rolls on her arms and thighs
Loves to smile!
Here Lola is doing her happy clicks:
Laughing with Papa:
I have finally realized that Lola has my Nana's eyes! Her whole life it has perplexed me. We were sitting in Relief Society this past Sunday, and Marilyn Rosenlof (who has known my Nana for over 30 years) said, "Alice, that baby looks just like you!" I looked at Lola sitting on Nana's lap and sure enough, their eyes are the same! I am so happy that her middle name is Jennie, after Nana. She definitely has her Papa's head shape and that Miller chin :)
Loves to balance with Papa!
 Lola is such a happy little girl. She is mellow, calm, and a perfect addition to our family.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Warning: Gross, bloody pics ahead.

Leave this page if you don't want to see blood! And read about a nasty emergency room visit!

You've been warned.

This past Christmas Eve, I got really sick & started throwing up. It was so violent that I started throwing up blood. Through both of my pregnancies and extensive puking, I never threw up blood. Googled it and everything said, "GO SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!" I thought it was another gallbladder attack, but turns out it was a nasty stomach bug.

Matt had to work that night up in Santa Cruz, so the girls and I were down in Santa Maria without him. My sweet little brother drove me to the ER and sat with me for three hours while they tried to figure out what was wrong with me. What a guy! Ladies, he's single & living in Portland. :)
What they had to find out was if my stomach was bleeding. So they had to shove a tube UP my nose, then DOWN my throat, and into my stomach. It was AWFUL!!!!!!! I've never had a bloody nose in my 27 years...this will do it for ya! Not to mention your gag reflex trying to get that tube out of your throat. I threw up a ton as she was putting it in. So sick. Here's what I looked like after the whole ordeal! 
I look like I just left the boxing ring! (It's just runny mascara, not a real black eye). I sent this pic to Matt on his drive down and asked him if he still thought I was a pretty girl. :)
Everyone at the hospital was so nice, the nurse was joking with me about giving me a nose job. And the person on the other side of the curtain kept my brother and I laughing, he/she sounded like gollum and kept talking in their sleep! 
They flushed out my stomach and then determined that it was not bleeding. 
After waiting around forever they sent me home with meds to help with the nausea and said to take it easy. Mhhhm.  
Matt & Lindsay showed up at my mom's house around 3 AM after Sean and I got home from the ER. 
Ada threw up in my mom's bed at 5 AM. MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
We made it to church in Lompoc with Matt's family the next morning (anyone have that group pic we took?). Just as we pulled into the church parking lot, Ada threw up again. AWESOME! 
She was so sad and all I can say is thank goodness for baby wipes! And a change of play clothes in the trunk. She didn't get to wear her cute Christmas outfit, but looked like a little mis-matched scrapper. Poor thing. 
We were all so tired. Matt from working all night, then driving to San Jose to pick my sister up, then down to Santa Maria. Sean & I from being sick and at the ER all night and last-minute wrapping! Promising myself that I'll get everything wrapped before Christmas Eve this year because that was not fun at 3 AM. I felt so weak. Ada got it, Sean got it, and Uncle Devin got it. Terrible sickness.
Anyway, that's our eventful Christmas Eve. I had to document it because it was just so ridiculous. We had a wonderful Christmas which I will post about later, and I promise it doesn't involve any blood.
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