Friday, May 3, 2013

Hyundai Santa Fe’s Epic Playdate Recap!

So remember when I wrote about Hyundai's Epic Playdate Sweepstakes HERE? And I wished so badly that I could go? Well, I was invited to it! :D Ahhhh!! 

We left Lola with my mom in Santa Maria, then Matt & I took Ada down to Dos Pueblos Ranch in Goleta for the day. I've driven by that sign hundreds of times before, and it's easy to see why Cabrillo first came to shore here. We were treated to delicious food (hello breakfast burritos!), engaging game stations, fun music, and gorgeous scenery.

It was a perfect, blue-sky, sunny Santa Barbara day for us. First thing was first: hula hooping!
This is serious business, guys. Tongue action required.
Check it out, I'm wearing my blarf! It's my scarf I bust out for blogging events. I feel the need to be fancy since other bloggers are much more fashionable than I, so the blarf comes out :)
Ada played photographer:
Then we did sand art together. Liz from Say Yes to Hoboken put this activity on & was so nice. Hi Liz! :) This was Ada's favorite! After every other activity, she would ask to go back to sand art. She & I could've stayed there all day! 
Definitely my daughter :)
We had to take advantage of the photo-op in front of the shiny new Santa Fe! Matt's sold. So am's a beautiful car & perfect for family adventures! 
There were ballon making classes:
Giant beach ball volleyball:
Matt punching the ball & taking out a kid (not really, I hope)
They even had a big Quiet Tent! Absolutely genius. Ada said she wanted to lay down at naptime, so we did just that. There were pillows, books, and soft music playing. I was kidding with Matt that we were going to fall asleep and then Ada would be wandering the ranch alone!  
Buncha nuts.
We had a tin foil contest...Ada didn't want to be a warrior - she wanted to be a princess.
She didn't mind getting a whipped cream beard though!
She knew what to do with that! Mmm.
Papa was a...super balloon shiny turban guy?
This Princess sure loves her Papa :)
He's good at carrying stuff on his shoulders.
Eating McConnell's ice cream! The best.
Then there was a paint fight! Maggie from Mighty Girl organized it, and it was awesome. She was so sweet, and it's a good thing I had no idea how huge she was in the blogging world before I met her because I would've said something ridiculous. Well, I still might have anyway, but I wasn't nervous talking to her at least :) 
Look at that sweet face. Does that look like a girl who's about to douse you with paint?
After the paint war, it was time for us to head home. We were pooped from all of the FUN! 
Ada was so overly tired from missing her nap, so on the ride home she was cranky. She was asking for snacks but I didn't have any, so we stopped at McDonald's and got her some fries. I think she ate one before I turned around to see this:
 I think that is the sign of an EPIC day indeed!
Thank you so much to Hyundai, Federated Media, Clever Girls, and Dos Pueblos Ranch for putting on such a wonderful event. They really thought of everything and it was such a great time!
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


ZACHERY said...


zachery said...

how big is the beachball did it last long!

Kara said...

Zachery, I have no idea! It lasted the whole playdate, so about 5 hours.

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