Friday, June 28, 2013

Epic Summer Playdates

We have lived in Santa Cruz for almost three years now, and we just barely found out about a little gem called Loch Lomond Reservoir. It's about 25 minutes from the city, up in the mountains, and feels worlds away from the busy weekend beaches that are Santa Cruz's reality in the summertime. It was so peaceful up there! Loch Lomond is where Santa Cruz gets its drinking water from (so you can't go swimming in it) but you can rent boats, fish, and paddle around in the glassy water.
Our girls had never been in a row boat, so it was exciting and new to them! Lola wasn't a fan of the required life jacket for children, but with some coaxing from big sis - she kept it on the whole time.
I was amazed by their willingness to help row! It's a great upper body workout.
Ada took her rowing duties very seriously. They look so cute in those life jackets all squished up under their necks! 
Lola was obsessed with splashing in the water! Matt's holding her little dress to keep her from falling in. Little daredevil.
The trees come all the way down to the water. Just gorgeous! 
 Always the sign of an epic day:
Sweet Maggie from Mighty Girl posted here about her son, Henry's, 6th birthday party on her sister's farm! How fun would that be? Here is the video Hyundai made of the shindy. (We watched Lincoln last night, so parties are now shindies.) I want my sister to have a barn too, but Lindsay isn't quite the farm girl type. Maybe my little brother will have one someday, I could definitely see him with lots of dogs, goats, and chickens running around.

Here's to many more Epic Playdates to come this summer!!
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