Friday, February 24, 2012

An Observation

This song came out last summer and I LOVED it! Still do. I played it over and over again when I first heard it. When I saw the video, I thought the guy was cute & hadn't heard of him before.
Warning: the second video is a bit scandalous.
Then this song came out. I saw the video and thought he was NASTY! What the heck?
I decided it was because my type of guy is: athletic, happy, laughs & smiles a lot, funny, and carefree.
NOT: pouty, whiney, girly (referring to the obviously straightened/styled tresses), and depressed.  
Case & point: Matt mountain biking last weekend.
That's my kinda guy :) 

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Post-Pregnancy Must Haves

Now that Lola is 6 months old, I'm starting to feel more like myself again. It's always right around 6 months post-partum that I feel like I'm getting my body back, can workout like I could before having a baby, and fit back into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. 
I thought I would put together a list of some of the things that help me get through the not-so-cute months after having baby. Luckily, most people are looking at the adorable baby in your arms and not the things you'd rather not draw attention to :) 

1. Assets (Spanx)
I bought these sexy things after I had Ada. I was a bridesmaid 25 days after having a c-section, a scary thought indeed! I found that wearing these actually helped my stomach get back to it's pre-pregnancy form faster! I've worn them some since having Lola and they help suck your tummy in and keep the jiggle at bay. Today was the first Sunday I didn't wear them to church! It's slower goin's the second time around. Woohoo! 
2. Garnier Spot Reducer
I get the pregnancy mask pretty badly. It looks like I have a brown mustache and patchy freckles on my cheeks...attractive, I know! This has helped keep the discoloration at a minimum. I didn't have this with Ada and I can definitely tell a difference this time. It doesn't completely get rid of it, but it's great for the price and fades acne scars as an added bonus!  

3. MAC Concealer
I've used MAC concealer as long as I can remember. It's become my best friend through the ups and downs of pregnancy and motherhood! It will make the dark circles under your eyes disappear, cover up zits, and help blend in blotchy freckles. 

4. Benetint
I did have Posietint before, and used the whole bottle! It's a more peachy color and great as well.
This will give you a nice rosy glow on your cheeks and a base color that will last on your lips. I love it under some gloss. 
It makes you look alive and rosy when you feel dead. ("Are we dead?" is a common phrase in our house after long nights. Up All Night anyone?)
5. High Beam 
Another great product from Benefit! This bottle has lasted over a year. Use this to create highlights all over your face and recapture the pregnancy glow! The first time I went out with the girls by myself I was told that I was literally glowing. Little did they know it was because of this little bottle :) I like putting it in the corner of my eyes, under my eyebrows, down the bridge of my nose (makes it look's an optical illusion ooooh!), and if I'm feeling generous - on my cheekbones too.  
6. Old Navy Active Control Max workout pants 
I am in LOVE with these workout pants! They are made of a nice thick material that holds you in, but doesn't restrict your movement. The top has a panel that can be worn up to hold your tummy in, or folded over. I got them on sale & am so glad I did! Nothing like your stomach bouncing while you run : /
This one has been the biggest confidence-booster of all. Thank goodness for sisters who give really good haircuts (and let you pay in cookies)! :)
After Ada was born, my hair could be found everywhere. It was like I was a moulting bird. But I never felt like my hair was any different. After Lola was born, my hair still fell out all over the place. But I got bald spots on my temples this time! I had a mean peninsula going that rivaled David Letterman's. It looked awful and made me feel so ugly. Enter bangs! I had them before, grew them out my whole pregnancy, and they've returned to help me get through the Patches O'Houlihan stage. Now that all of the little baby hairs are growing in, they are covered and can do their thing to give me a normal hair line again.

Well, there's my list of things that make this new mommy feel better about her appearance. Have I missed anything? What are your go-tos after having a baby?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Those Moments

For Christmas, one of the gifts that my Nana gives to all of the families is calendars. I look forward to them every year and the beauty they bring into my home. This Christmas, she gave us a calendar with art by the great artist Del Parson. He has painted some of the most familiar images of Christ.

This was January's picture, Lovest Thou Me, of Jesus with his disciples. Ada called it, "People's Talkin'" :) During her nap on January 31st, I flipped the calendar to February in preparation for the next day. 
This is February's painting, Hope in the Second Coming. At dinner, Ada looked up and noticed that it was a new picture. Here is how our conversation went: 
Ada: "Ohhhh! Jesus!" 
Me: "Yeah, it's a new picture of him, huh?"
Ada: "Yeah."

Then, her voice changed. She has this special, loving voice that she reserves only for Matt. "Paaapaaaaa," she says to him. It was like that voice, but even softer and sweeter...more reverent. 

"I wan' give Jesus hugs and kisses," she said. 
At that, my eyes filled with tears. It was such a sweet, unexpected moment. She was looking up at the picture of Him with such adoration in her eyes. She asked, "Mommy sad?" and I said no, they were happy tears. And that she would definitely be able to give Jesus hugs and kisses again one day when He comes again.

I wonder if she is so young that she still remembers being in His presence? Or if she is so innocent and pure that she can see his picture and be filled with His love. 

I had to write this to make sure I never forgot it. It was one of those moments...a brief flicker. The next minute she was noisily counting her noodles and spilling them all over the place. It was a moment that put into clear perspective what truly matters and what my duty is as a parent: to teach her the way back to Christ.
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