Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kandie's Baby Shower!

Last Saturday, the 21st, we had a baby shower for Kandie. Shannon hosted it at her beautiful home, and Diana and I did food and whatnot. We are so excited to have little baby Evelyn joining the family on April 9th! (I'm crossing my fingers for a niece on my birthday...the 7th!)
Kandie and Gray hangin out at the shower. Gray and Evelyn will be 16 months apart; just like my sister Lindsay and I!

I am so proud of the diaper cake. Didn't it turn out cute?!

Beautiful cake from Albertson's, my friend Jessica does a great job. I picked chocolate with fresh strawberries and it was YUM!

The food...Diana did veggies & dip and fruit & dip, and I did the spinach dip in the bread bowl. Lotsa dip!

Diaper Cake & The Wishing Tree (Many thanks to my mom's tree for sacrificing some branches...)

Marsha hanging her advice on the Wishing Tree

And the beautiful favors! I used Sue Sparks sugar cookie recipe...they turned out gorgeous AND yummy! (See some of her talent here and here. She is incredible!)
Thanks to Lindsay for helping me frost, decorate, & wrap them up! Oh, and Matt for his help with the sprinkles ;)

We played the game where you guess how many TP squares around Kandie's baby belly is...and someone guessed EXACTLY 12 squares!
Kandie also got some adorable girly outfits and things for Evelyn. It sure is different having a girl!
All in all, I'd say the shower was a huge success. Thank you everyone who came and/or contributed in any way!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gibbons & Hollywood

On Saturday, March 14th, Matt & I went down to Santa Clarita to look at some monkeys. It was extra credit for his Anthro class, so we decided to go. It was really interesting and fun! I got some great shots of the gibbons, but the man who runs the place asked that I didn't post them online. (Reasons being that zoos will try to acquire the rare breeds he has -- and he tries to release back into the wild). I'm begrudgingly respecting his wishes.
Here's a handsome monkey I found in the preserve...

And a pretty bird...

This wins The Best License Plate Ever Award in my book!

From Santa Clarita, we decided to go to Hollywood and be tourists all day. Matt's never been down there before, so we went to Mann's Chinese Theater and put our hands in the prints of movie stars. It was fun to watch the freak show :)
Standing over Journey's star on the Walk of of the best bands in the history of the universe!

Being sassy on Hollywood Blvd. We ate at the Pig n' Whistle. I got a huge burger and ate the whole juicy was so good!

Matt showing off his sweet belt buckle from the vintage store.

Check it out! Cowboy vs. Bear. So manly!

Where Jimmy Kimmel films his show.

We picked up some delicious cupcakes at Sprinkles, then headed home up the beautiful California coast.

We are so lucky!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sunday was Dry Council Sunday in our ward. The first guy, Bro. Mankins, was great. He told a story about having to crash land at was neat! He totally kept our attention the whole time.
Then the second guy got up. We didn't even have an intermediate hymn, which is torture. So he starts, and was talking in the softest voice! We could barely hear him. So I'm bored and start writing on Matt's back. He is REALLY bad at that game. He'll guess so many times, but is so stubborn that he won't let me tell him what it is!
So me, being the mature 24-year-old that I am, started writing a word on his back. He was NOT getting it! So I'm writing it slower and slower...until I hear a voice whisper behind me, "PEE....OH....OH.....PEEEEE!!!!" I turned bright red and turned around -- it was an investigator sitting with the missionaries! Ahhhhhh!
Everything about the situation was hilarious...the bald man speaking in a soft, monotone voice at the pulpit...the glazed over looks of the congregation....the skinny, long-haired investigator who knew the answer to Matt's back writing....oh boy.
It took everything in my power to not burst out in laughter!
Then, when the man concluded his talk, a little red-haired boy that we adore said (probably louder than he intended), "FINALLY!"
Quite a comedic Sacrament Meeting if you ask me :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matt @ Guad

On Matt's day off we went to Guadalupe for a photo shoot. I don't like the crazy waves & riptides I offered to take pictures with Brandin's awesome zoom lens (thanks buddy)!
Snowy Plover...LUNCH!

The waves slam you into the sand here...Matt is cracking up because I captured it!

Such a stud! I was pretending he was a pro surfer and I was a pro photog at the competition. He said, "How did I do?" I replied, "Oh, you won the title."

I just LOVE that wetsuit butt!

He's up! Big waves...why I wasn't in my wetsuit that day!

Serious business.

Favorite shot of the day...thinking about blowing it up huge...or sending it to Billabong ;)

Love this cutie!

It's not a trip out to Guad unless you get stuck behind a tractor!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beach Time!

We went surfing at Pismo yesterday. It was FREEZING! I could see my breath while in the water. Matt said I went up 100 cool points for getting in the water that day. Ha! It wasn't so bad -- it was just getting out of my huge eskimo jacket and into my damp wetsuit. Brrrrr. It was really fun though! I found my own little place and named it Kara's Break in true Marc Miller fashion ;) I'm getting better (and less sore) each time I go.
Frost on the windshield...

Full moon!

Want the best clam chowder in the world? Go here!


Did not want to take off the jacket at this point!

Slowly warming up...


Monday, March 9, 2009

No Cowbell.

So I'm a teensy bit excited to see Billy Joel & Elton John this month!
I was checking out the Honda Center website for rules on purses and cameras. Here's a portion of the rules.

No video, audio or cameras with professional lenses (maximum 6 inches). The camera policy is subject to change depending on each show's individual policy.
Cowbells are no longer allowed in the building.
No laptops. backpacks, briefcases, large bags, wrapped gifts, coolers, weapons, drums, or laser pointers.
No confetti or streamers.

What?! Who was the guy that went and ruined the cowbell for the rest of us?! Haha!
I'm guessing the poor staff of the Honda Center was going deaf from those crazy Ducks fans.
And don't try to bring your drums in with you either! I can't imagine what people have tried to bring in there...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Johnson family tradition...on the morning of your birthday my dad would come into our rooms and yell this at the top of his lungs in a really high voice.
I guess it's from some old TV show from when he was a kid? I have to call him and give him his birthday YOUHOOOO still :)

Love you!

Also, Happy Birthday to Ben (Matt's brother) out in PA! It's his birthday is today, too!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Matt & I met up with his dad at Pismo on Sat. morning. So early. I fought getting out of my warm cozy bed...but it was such a good day out in the water! Definitely worth it :)

P.S. I just got some booties and they are AWESOME! I'm such a ninja in them.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hiking Point Sal

On Matt's day off, we decided to go for a hike. We hit up Pt. Sal since it's so close and beautiful. It was crazy could see it swirling around. It was so fun to play and take pictures in!
We also ran into Jim Sparks up there...he took some decent pictures of us :)
The ocean is so breathtaking. It was playing peek-a-boo with us. We love California!
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