Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sunday was Dry Council Sunday in our ward. The first guy, Bro. Mankins, was great. He told a story about having to crash land at VAFB...it was neat! He totally kept our attention the whole time.
Then the second guy got up. We didn't even have an intermediate hymn, which is torture. So he starts, and was talking in the softest voice! We could barely hear him. So I'm bored and start writing on Matt's back. He is REALLY bad at that game. He'll guess so many times, but is so stubborn that he won't let me tell him what it is!
So me, being the mature 24-year-old that I am, started writing a word on his back. He was NOT getting it! So I'm writing it slower and slower...until I hear a voice whisper behind me, "PEE....OH....OH.....PEEEEE!!!!" I turned bright red and turned around -- it was an investigator sitting with the missionaries! Ahhhhhh!
Everything about the situation was hilarious...the bald man speaking in a soft, monotone voice at the pulpit...the glazed over looks of the congregation....the skinny, long-haired investigator who knew the answer to Matt's back writing....oh boy.
It took everything in my power to not burst out in laughter!
Then, when the man concluded his talk, a little red-haired boy that we adore said (probably louder than he intended), "FINALLY!"
Quite a comedic Sacrament Meeting if you ask me :)


Bethany said...

Adam and I play that game in sacrament too! We play it in each other's hands though...good thing too!

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, that is awesomely hilarious! You guys are so great.

(and when I looked at your blog, all I saw was the word POOP! That was a shocker :)

Laura & Tyson said...

that's hilarious

Jester 7 said...

Totally Hillarious!

Who was the other speaker? You can tell us we don't live there anymore!

Mike J

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