Friday, June 28, 2013

Epic Summer Playdates

We have lived in Santa Cruz for almost three years now, and we just barely found out about a little gem called Loch Lomond Reservoir. It's about 25 minutes from the city, up in the mountains, and feels worlds away from the busy weekend beaches that are Santa Cruz's reality in the summertime. It was so peaceful up there! Loch Lomond is where Santa Cruz gets its drinking water from (so you can't go swimming in it) but you can rent boats, fish, and paddle around in the glassy water.
Our girls had never been in a row boat, so it was exciting and new to them! Lola wasn't a fan of the required life jacket for children, but with some coaxing from big sis - she kept it on the whole time.
I was amazed by their willingness to help row! It's a great upper body workout.
Ada took her rowing duties very seriously. They look so cute in those life jackets all squished up under their necks! 
Lola was obsessed with splashing in the water! Matt's holding her little dress to keep her from falling in. Little daredevil.
The trees come all the way down to the water. Just gorgeous! 
 Always the sign of an epic day:
Sweet Maggie from Mighty Girl posted here about her son, Henry's, 6th birthday party on her sister's farm! How fun would that be? Here is the video Hyundai made of the shindy. (We watched Lincoln last night, so parties are now shindies.) I want my sister to have a barn too, but Lindsay isn't quite the farm girl type. Maybe my little brother will have one someday, I could definitely see him with lots of dogs, goats, and chickens running around.

Here's to many more Epic Playdates to come this summer!!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Favorite Running Gear Giveaway!

I am SO excited about this giveaway!! Today I am giving away two of my favorite things and must-haves for running.

#1. Yurbuds!

I have ALWAYS had a problem with earbuds while running. They've always fallen out or hurt my ears. I've tried the ones that came with my iPhone, they hurt by the end of my run. I've bought those tiny ones with different sized rubber pieces that were supposed to never fall out. They fell out and hurt. Yurbuds are genius! The silicone doesn't hurt my ear, and they twist into your ears to lock.
These incredible earbuds will not fall out. I tested them during my half marathon and I was so sweaty. I thought for sure that I would have to adjust them at some point during the 13.1 miles, but I didn't! These bad boys stay put.

#2. Pro Compression Socks!

If you've seen my pics of me running, then you've probably noticed my favorite hot pink compression socks :) I originally ordered the calf sleeves, but they accidentally sent me the marathon sock. I was so bummed because my long Saturday run was coming up and I really wanted to wear them. I contacted Pro Compression and they said they'd send my original order out immediately, and to go ahead and keep the marathon socks. How cool is that?! And guess what? I ended up liking the socks more than the sleeves! So thank you, Pro Compression, for sending me them in the first place. And for being such an awesome company!
Compression socks help with circulation and recovery. I notice such a difference when I put them on. My high arches feel like they're getting a hug & my calves aren't as sore the next day. Love love love compression socks! Now I need to get the orange Ragnar ones for Napa in September :)
Giveaway time! Thank you to Yurbuds & Pro Compression for supplying these awesome products for my readers! Good luck :)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The latest things that I've heard come out of my favorite 3 1/2-year-old's mouth! 
I tucked her in for bed and said, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" She looked at me and said, "Bed bug? Does he have a pillow on his back?!"

Aquabats = Unclebats

Dentist = Toothbrush Man
Asking all of her favorite things before bedtime, I stopped because her eyes were getting heavy (and I was running out of ideas). She was an inch from my face and said, "Say more words."

She swallowed a candy whole at a Thai restaurant months ago and it got stuck in her throat. We went there again and she said, "I ate a candy here and I had a sickness."

While driving in the car, "I wish we could live by my boyfriend. My girlfriend is named Signie and my boyfriend is Kenno."

"Cap'n Walt has a plane and a car. Uncle Sean has a plane and a bus." 

"Mommy, my teddy bear's not real. And I really want to sleep with real people."

Friday, June 7, 2013

Lola is 22 Months Old!

My baby is almost two years old! She is still our little snuggle-love. So sweet and loving! She just said the word happy for the first time today, which is fitting for our happy girl.

Fun things about Lola at 22 months:

Everything has "eeeee" on the end. If something is hot: "Hottie!"

While handing you something, "Hee-ya-go!"

When I explain something to her, "Ohhhh!"

When she does something well, "YAY!" (with arms in the air)

Gah-go = gotta go

Cah-co = Costco

Favorite words: No & Mine (Myyyyyy!)

Has to have her favorite blanket and a stuffed animal to sleep with, "Elmo!" or her bunny from Auntie Linds. I lay her down, tuck her in, then she looks up and says, "Bye." This girl loves her sleep!
On Dora the Explorer, there is a mean fox named Swiper. You have to say, "Swiper no swiping!" Then he can't take whatever he was going to steal and says, "Aww man!" and runs away. This is Lola imitating him:

Has the cheekiest little smile I've ever seen on a toddler! So happy, cute little dimples, just the sweetest. Loves to be a monkey or owl, depending on which bath towel she gets:

Her favorite color is, "LELLOW!"

Loves her sister, "Dayda!"

Loves to chant her name, "LO-LA! LO-LA!"

Happy 22 months sweet girl! xoxo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

Hungry Running Girl posted this quiz for us to do in honor of National Running Day! Do it yourself in the comments or on your own blog. 
Also, tweet or instagram why you run and Timex will donate $5 to the One Fund Boston to help those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. 60 people will win a Timex Ironman watch!
1.  On average how many races do you run a year? 2...I'd love to do more than that!
2.  Head accessories, things you have to run with: Hat, sunglasses, lipgloss, ponytail/bun.
3.  Where do your workouts come from?  A training plan. I used one from Ragnar first, then from, now on one from Double Your Endurance.
4.  How many miles on average do you put on a pair of shoes? 300? I just run in them until they start to feel lame. I guess I should be more scientific about it! 
5.  Cell phone -  do you bring it with you on your run or leave it at home? Bring it! Always! I feel naked without my phone, plus it tracks my mileage through RunKeeper. 
6.  What was your last running related injury or have you been an injury free runner? Stress fracture on the top of my right foot last year. Booooooooooooo!
7.  Is your current running goal about running a farther distance (adding more mileage) or getting faster or BOTH?!? BOTH! I am so proud that I completed 13.1 miles, but next year my goal is to do it faster.
8.  Speedwork—->  at the track, on the treadmill, on the roads or never do it? On the roads. But I would like to try the track to make it more official-feeling! 
9.  Stretching after a run:  hit the ground after a run and get stretching, stretch in the shower, stretch once you get to work/school, skip the stretching? Ohhhh stretching. I wish I had more time for you. After last night's run, I ran straight upstairs and made dinner, scarfed it down, and went to a meeting. So no stretching happened. I need to be better about it!
10.  What was your reason for starting to run? I've run ever since I can remember. I was one of the fastest girls in elementary school, and beat boys in a dress! I always loved the Jog-a-thons and Turkey Trots and winning movie tickets :) Things have changed of course (I'm not so fast anymore), but I keep running for my health, sanity, and family's happiness. Matt says, "I like you when you run." I definitely am a more patient person when I do! 
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