Friday, June 7, 2013

Lola is 22 Months Old!

My baby is almost two years old! She is still our little snuggle-love. So sweet and loving! She just said the word happy for the first time today, which is fitting for our happy girl.

Fun things about Lola at 22 months:

Everything has "eeeee" on the end. If something is hot: "Hottie!"

While handing you something, "Hee-ya-go!"

When I explain something to her, "Ohhhh!"

When she does something well, "YAY!" (with arms in the air)

Gah-go = gotta go

Cah-co = Costco

Favorite words: No & Mine (Myyyyyy!)

Has to have her favorite blanket and a stuffed animal to sleep with, "Elmo!" or her bunny from Auntie Linds. I lay her down, tuck her in, then she looks up and says, "Bye." This girl loves her sleep!
On Dora the Explorer, there is a mean fox named Swiper. You have to say, "Swiper no swiping!" Then he can't take whatever he was going to steal and says, "Aww man!" and runs away. This is Lola imitating him:

Has the cheekiest little smile I've ever seen on a toddler! So happy, cute little dimples, just the sweetest. Loves to be a monkey or owl, depending on which bath towel she gets:

Her favorite color is, "LELLOW!"

Loves her sister, "Dayda!"

Loves to chant her name, "LO-LA! LO-LA!"

Happy 22 months sweet girl! xoxo


Lori Thompson said...

only 22 months old and is sporting a full mustache? NICE!!!

Kara Miller said...

Lori, it's her accomplishment that I'm most proud of! ;)

Emily said...

this makes me SO excited to have a little girl!! Your girls are adorable.

Kara Miller said...

Thank you Emily!! I know yours will be adorable too :)

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