Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Gallbladder.

It attacked me a few weeks ago. On Super Bowl Sunday!
I wanted to have a picture in this post, so googled gallbladder. Don't do that unless you want to be grossed out.
I did find this little cutie though...evidently someone has made stuffed internal organs. Go figure.
A gallbladder attack is not soft and fuzzy like this little guy.
It is painful.
Think contractions and labor pains.
Back pain that will not go away no matter how you bend your body.
Matt took me to the ER at 7 AM after I'd thrown up twice and been up since 2 AM in pain.
Sidenote: Why is it that when you are in pain, everyone seems to move at a snail's pace? I swear the woman admitting me typed slower than a caveman who had never seen a computer before. I think because I wasn't screaming bloody murder they thought I was fine.
They gave me a lovely shot in the bum and I was pain free. Ahhhh :)
Then I took this picture. The nice doctor complimented my pretty nail polish.
An ultrasound showed that I had gallstones and my gallbladder was spasming.
The doctor said that it is genetic because of my age, weight, and lifestyle.
Sure enough, my mom just had hers removed last summer and my grandma had hers removed years ago.
My blood work showed that my kidneys and pancreas were just fine, so they opted for no surgery.
Sent me home with a pain med prescription, and I slept.
I woke up a few hours later in more pain.
Back to the ER we went, where I told a different doctor to take my gallbladder OUT!
He said, "It would be like waging a war because of a minor infraction."
I hated him at that moment.
They gave me another shot in the bum, and sent me home.
I watched the Super Bowl. Excuse me, I tried to watch the Super Bowl.
Matt would turn to me after an awesome play and my eyes would be closed, head back, and Ada would be nursing still.
My sweet Mommy brought dinner over for us.
I wanted to eat all of the delicious tri-tip my brother had barbecued and slather butter on my baked potato, but doc said to stay away from fatty things.
Grrrr....I loathe you gallbladder!
Evidently this is very common in women who have just given birth.
The more people I talk with, the more I hear stories just like mine.
I haven't had any more attacks, but if I do within a year then it's bye-bye nasty gallbladder.
I hear that you don't miss it at all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Loves

I love this picture of Matt carrying Ada in the Baby Bjorn.
He pronounces it Bah-Jorn. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ada's First Hike

On Saturday, we headed out as a family of three (!) to hike Pt. Sal. This is one of our favorite places to hike because the views are so rewarding! Especially around this time of year. It rained on Friday and the hills were such a vibrant green! We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area.
Ada was great on the hike! She loves the carrier and fell asleep on her Daddy's back. She loves motion and is lulled to sleep whenever she's in a stroller too. We had her nice and bundled up in this teddy bear outfit, she's like a big, squishy, cotton candy Care Bear in it!
Mommy & Ada posing at the top
Love my baby girl!
Sleeping while Mommy & Daddy ate
Laughing with Daddy
My loves at the top, Ada was taking it all in while she was awake
Beautiful, clear day!
We had such a great time enjoying the fresh air, each other's company, a great workout, and the beautiful outdoors. We're determined to include Ada in our far she's a great little companion!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day was a mellow one. I actually liked it better that way. No gifts, cards, fanfare...just us. A happy, loving family. Matt is glad that I've finally realized what a silly holiday it really is - less pressure on him! It will be fun when Ada is older and we can make cookies and fun stuff, but for now I like the idea of skipping it. Give me roses on a random day babe :)
My tiny Valentine & I
Such a happy girl!
Ada is sporting her adorable dress from Auntie Linds! xoxo
I love this picture because it's so real. Captures our lives at this moment :)
Gotta love her expressive little face
Funny story from church on Sunday:
I was asked to give the closing prayer in Relief Society. Ada had a blowout so I had to leave during the lesson and clean her (and my skirt) up. Came back into RS, listened to Tiffany's wonderful lesson, and was holding Ada. Once Tiffany closed, I jumped up and stood in the front, ready to pray. Nana looked at me and said, "Kara, we still have the song!" Ha! How long have I been a member of the church? 25 years?! I know that the prayer comes after the hymn! I think I was just so focused on Ada being good, not tripping over anyone while holding her, not missing my obligation, etc. that I was just ready to pray :) We all had a good laugh!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ada is 2 Months Old!

Ada had her shots (5 total) at her well baby checkup last week. I nursed her while they gave her the vaccinations, and she was such a champ. She cried at first, then calmed down and kept eating. She was a little fussy the rest of the evening, but slept just fine.
The nurse commented on what strong legs Ada has while she was trying to hold them...I said I know, my ribs were sore while pregnant from her turbo kicks!
2 month stats:
14 lbs. 1 oz. (95th percentile)
24 1/2 in. long (95th percentile)
15 1/2 in. head circumference (50th percentile)
Yes, we have a giant chubber on our hands and I LOVE it!
She is so squishy & kissable.
Things she's doing:
- smiling & scrunching up her nose with an eye squint
- recognizing people's voices and searching for them
- balancing on Daddy's hand
- sleeping through the night
- grabbing anything she can get her hands on
- pushing up with her arms during tummy time and looking around
- observing everything around her
- kicking her legs like crazy
- cooing, grunting, talking, laughing & singing
Such a little love bug :)
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