Monday, February 15, 2010

Ada is 2 Months Old!

Ada had her shots (5 total) at her well baby checkup last week. I nursed her while they gave her the vaccinations, and she was such a champ. She cried at first, then calmed down and kept eating. She was a little fussy the rest of the evening, but slept just fine.
The nurse commented on what strong legs Ada has while she was trying to hold them...I said I know, my ribs were sore while pregnant from her turbo kicks!
2 month stats:
14 lbs. 1 oz. (95th percentile)
24 1/2 in. long (95th percentile)
15 1/2 in. head circumference (50th percentile)
Yes, we have a giant chubber on our hands and I LOVE it!
She is so squishy & kissable.
Things she's doing:
- smiling & scrunching up her nose with an eye squint
- recognizing people's voices and searching for them
- balancing on Daddy's hand
- sleeping through the night
- grabbing anything she can get her hands on
- pushing up with her arms during tummy time and looking around
- observing everything around her
- kicking her legs like crazy
- cooing, grunting, talking, laughing & singing
Such a little love bug :)


andrewanderinn said...

She is so darn cute! Makes me want to squeeze her (gently of course!)

Shannon said...

She is so adorable!! Look at that little smile. I would like to squeeze her too...

ps, E was also 50th for head at 2 months and at 24 inches long my doc said he was 75th percentile for height? Maybe my doc is using the wrong charts!

Diana said...

It's like an online baby book! Thanks for the stats! I love her!

Diana said...

These pictures look suspiciously like the one I posted on facebook of Matt & Karina (when they were laying on the bed. Matt was 5 months old) Again the resemblance!

Barrett, Jeanine, and Berlin Nichole said...

What a doll !!

Gena Susan said...

She's so cute!

thechristensens said...

Who doesn't love the giant chubbers?? I'm glad we're not the only ones with the giant babes, too!

This little girl of yours is adorable. She's perfect for Jacob. They're going to get married. I've already decided it. ;-)

Diana Hulme said...

what an adorable little girl you have! congratulations. :)

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