Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life Recently

I have come to realize that the mom is always the last one to bed.
Dad changes the last diaper, falls asleep
Doggie puts herself to bed
Mom feeds baby, baby falls asleep...
Mom brushes teeth and washes face
listening to the sleepy snoring sounds of those she loves
& sometimes sneaks pictures of them because they are so precious.
Daddy & Ada sleeping
Long toes like her Mommy
Sweet little face
Peaceful sleeping babe
I love being a mother. Ada has started smiling at people and it just melts my heart!
I cried the other day when she looked up at me and smiled while chattering away...
she's always got a story to tell with her grunts and coos.
Ada is 8 weeks old and weighs 14 lbs. The girl LOVES to eat!
She's still sleeping through the night and I love her for it :)
Mommy & Ada
Love this baby girl!
Matt has been tiling our bathroom, it looks amazing...
just like this view! RAWR!


:) said...

She is just precious! Must come from your side of the fam Kara~lol! I still have a package sitting here ready to send-yep that is life with babies that don't sleep! You are sooo lucky that she is a good sleeper- count your blessings! Hope you guys are enjoying every second of that precious baby age, it goes soo fast!

Diana said...

These are beautiful!

Shannon said...

Okay, her hair just kills me! I love it! I cannot wait for E & A to meet... let's force them into a hug!

Which reminds me, when are you coming to visit??

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