Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day was a mellow one. I actually liked it better that way. No gifts, cards, fanfare...just us. A happy, loving family. Matt is glad that I've finally realized what a silly holiday it really is - less pressure on him! It will be fun when Ada is older and we can make cookies and fun stuff, but for now I like the idea of skipping it. Give me roses on a random day babe :)
My tiny Valentine & I
Such a happy girl!
Ada is sporting her adorable dress from Auntie Linds! xoxo
I love this picture because it's so real. Captures our lives at this moment :)
Gotta love her expressive little face
Funny story from church on Sunday:
I was asked to give the closing prayer in Relief Society. Ada had a blowout so I had to leave during the lesson and clean her (and my skirt) up. Came back into RS, listened to Tiffany's wonderful lesson, and was holding Ada. Once Tiffany closed, I jumped up and stood in the front, ready to pray. Nana looked at me and said, "Kara, we still have the song!" Ha! How long have I been a member of the church? 25 years?! I know that the prayer comes after the hymn! I think I was just so focused on Ada being good, not tripping over anyone while holding her, not missing my obligation, etc. that I was just ready to pray :) We all had a good laugh!

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