Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Johnson family tradition...on the morning of your birthday my dad would come into our rooms and yell this at the top of his lungs in a really high voice.
I guess it's from some old TV show from when he was a kid? I have to call him and give him his birthday YOUHOOOO still :)

Love you!

Also, Happy Birthday to Ben (Matt's brother) out in PA! It's his birthday is today, too!


Anonymous said...

Haha I called and gave him his birthday yooohoo as well. :) I guess Sandy gave us birthday poops?

Kara said...

Yes!! She gave you a lil' extra since you've been gone so long! Hahaaa

Shannon said...

Okay I have never met your dad but he sounds awesome! I love that he would yell that on your bday. Do you think I could get Mitch to do that for me?? haha

Speaking of bdays, yours is coming up! Was Billy Joel perhaps one of your presents? I sure hope so.

Kara said...

My dad is a big kid. No joke. Mitch would do anything for you! Demand a YOUHOOOOOOO on the morning of your birthday!!! :)
And yes, Billy is one of my b-day presents. Seeing him in concert has been on my Bucket List since I was 12!

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