Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matt @ Guad

On Matt's day off we went to Guadalupe for a photo shoot. I don't like the crazy waves & riptides I offered to take pictures with Brandin's awesome zoom lens (thanks buddy)!
Snowy Plover...LUNCH!

The waves slam you into the sand here...Matt is cracking up because I captured it!

Such a stud! I was pretending he was a pro surfer and I was a pro photog at the competition. He said, "How did I do?" I replied, "Oh, you won the title."

I just LOVE that wetsuit butt!

He's up! Big waves...why I wasn't in my wetsuit that day!

Serious business.

Favorite shot of the day...thinking about blowing it up huge...or sending it to Billabong ;)

Love this cutie!

It's not a trip out to Guad unless you get stuck behind a tractor!


Anonymous said...

love it! good work, photog. How does Matt feel about those beefy sausage butt pics?! haha :)

Kaitlyn said...

Before I got married, I was Kaitlyn Thompson. I'm from Lompoc, and we were in the Santa Maria 5th ward together...if you don't remember who I am. Do you? :) I found your blog off mutual friend's blogs. I've been following you for a while, but never thought about leaving a comment. Have a great day. Your pictures turned out well.

Laura & Tyson said...

Those pictures look really great! I really miss the beach. Tyson and I still need to learn how to day maybe.

Alissa said...

Those are sweet pictures! Great job! I can't believe I grew up in Ca and have never seen this beach! It's so pretty!

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