Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My 25th Birthday(s)!

I am now a quarter of a century old! It feels great, I don't feel old or anything...even though Lindsay and Matt call me grandma! I had a wonderful month of celebrating. That's how we do in our family! Stretch it out :)
Part of my birthday was seeing BILLY JOEL & Elton John! I've wanted to see Billy since I was a little girl. My dad raised us singing his songs...so he has always been a favorite of mine. One big check off the bucket list. (My last birthday I checked off skydiving!)
Here Billy he is rocking the arena!

Well, maybe not these guys. Seriously, who comes to a concert and SLEEPS?!

This picture cracks me up. I am the worst at taking pictures of myself with my iPhone. It's hard! Look at my hand...I was really trying to get a good shot! haha

Billy again...sigh. :) I couldn't stop screaming when he came on stage. I was belting out all of his songs!

Elton! He had so many costume changes and did like a 20 min. version of Rocketman!

This was the best concert of my life! Our tickets said, "Limited View" on them, but our seats were GREAT! We got to see the band doing their thing, and felt like we were right on top of the stage. Billy even said, "You guys up there - those seats aren't as bad as you thought, huh?! And you guys down here on the floor...look up. That's about 2 tons of lights being held up by little cables. With some technicians who haven't had a break in a few hours." It was funny :) I was really impressed with how grateful they both were to be doing what they do. They obviously love it and expressed their thanks to everyone there for making it possible! Billy even introduced every single one of his band members by name and where they were from. Pretty neat!

These little loves came in the mail right on my birthday!
Can you guess which one came from my sister in Utah and which came from my grandpa in Virginia? That raccoon cracked me up ;)

On April 6th, Matt took me to Santa Barbara to go to the new Melting Pot! It was fabulous. So. Much. Food. I've been to the one in Salt Lake City with my mom, sister, and Shannon & Mitch. Matt had never partaken in the excitement of cooking your own food and the yummy cheese and chocolate fondue!
I am posting these pictures because of the sheer awkwardness of them.
Here I am, trying to avoid the steam and looking painfully forced.

Then Matt magically turned into a one-eyed pirate during his photo-op!

A man and his feast :)

We also had a family birthday party, but I don't have any pictures of it :( We celebrated at Nana's on Easter! It was so wonderful, ham & cheesy potatoes...what more could a girl want? To top it off - Devin & Liz did an egghunt for us too! Even though we're all big kids :) Everyone scored big time and got lots of dollar bills in the eggs!


Tori said...

How fun! You are so skinny! Gorgeous! :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a fun day!!! That is so weird we have the same sisters. Crazy!! We are about 26 months apart, and it makes me want to have my kids close because I loved having someone close to my age. Also I was going to tell you about the swim suit dilemma. I found adorable suits at hapari.com. It is an american fork company. The swim suits are so cute and they fit great.

Glen and Sarah Gagon said...

Happy Birthday! Didn't you LOVE the Piano Man! Glen took me to see him for V-day! Your husband is so cute to you! ps. the house is here in utah, pleasant grove to be exact.

Allison and Mason: said...

I'm SO GLAD the concert was as amazing as you were hoping!!! Happy Birthday! I love this post. The racoon sticker... your akwardness ... Matt's one eyed pirate pose. CLASSIC!

Mitch said...

I love making it to the blog! Also, jealous about the concert...that's basically amazing.

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