Monday, June 15, 2009

Conan & CA Adventure

CONAN O'BRIEN!!!!!!!!!! Lindsay got us tickets and we went to the 3rd night of taping! He was hilarious, as always. We've been watching him since it was just him & Andy on Late Night! He did the hips, made fun of the random yellers, did his Arnold impression, and gave a great monologue. Max Weinberg & The Max Weinberg 7 were incredible! We were even there for the very first In The Year 3000! I just love LaBamba's funny!
My favorite line from that skit: "In the year 3000, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to form one super time-wasting website called YouTwitFace!"

The guests were Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bradley Cooper. Julia is SO tiny! She had on some 5" heels and was still only about 5'5". I wanted her to do the Elaine dance, but she didn't :( Sheryl Crow played, and she is about the same size! She was wearing huge heels too. After the show, she brought her cute little boy out and showed him the set. Bradley Cooper was a sleazy creep, as he plays in most of his movies. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made a surprise appearance, and he made Conan look like a little guy!
We had fun walking around Universal Studios after dinner at Bubba-Gump. Here is Matt on his new bike...

Matt had to go home that night for work, so the ladies stayed in Anaheim and went to California Adventureland (as my mom calls it)! ;)
Here is Lindsay on her L! We take a picture every time we go.

It was the perfect day. No crowds, perfect weather, and short lines!

My mom and sister made us go on the stationary gondolas on the Sun Wheel. I shouldn't have told them how freaked out my sister-in-law gets on the gliding ones!

Santa Maria is famous at CA Adventure. At one restaurant, they have Santa Maria-style Tri-Tip! Also, it was a wine and food expo that week, and they had a Santa Maria Valley wine booth set up.
Goofy loved Lindsay & I :)

Lindsay, Mommy, & I on the street to nowhere. We had such a fun trip!

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Shannon said...

Looks like such a blast!! As always, wish we could be there with you ;)

And you look so good! I'll post some pictures this week of my stomach, but it's definitely sticking out like ball! You are lucky to be barely showing!!

ps, we think Conan is pretty hilarious.

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