Tuesday, August 11, 2009

25 weeks!

Here I am at 6 months 1 week pregnant. There was a fire east of Santa Maria, so the sky had a red, hazy appearance. This picture looks like I've antiqued it or something because of it! Kinda cool.

I'm still feeling great! Ada moves around constantly. Matt loves feeling her and can tell where she's hanging out in my belly.
She had her first hiccups this past week, it was awesome! I was thinking, "What on earth is she doing in there? It feels like she's body-slamming my stomach!"
I realized that the bounces were pretty equally spaced. Then it hit me: she had the hiccups! :)

For the record: I hate eggplant. The texture grosses me out.


Allison and Mason: said...

It's getting bigger!!!! And your shoes are hot! You are one hot mama!

Sarah and John Root said...

Hiccups are the funnest!! This is the fun part of pregnancy when you're not too big yet, but big enough to not just look chubby and the baby moves around like crazy. So fun!

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