Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Matt has had a pretty bad ingrown toenail for some time now. I kept telling him to go to Dr. Fillerup and get it taken care of, but he put it off until his big toe was the size of a golfball. (Today he said, "Why didn't I get this done sooner?" Gee, I don't know! We had a good laugh about that one.)
Anyway, when he came home from Pete's office, his toe looked like Shrek! Upon further examination, I realized it REALLY looked like Frankenstein because of the squareness of it. How appropriate for the season! I begged him to let me decorate it, and he obliged. Ladies and masterpiece....FRANKENTOE!!!!!

And after:



Katey said...

That's pretty hilarious!

Sue said...

Very funny:)

Allison and Mason: said...

Ha ha ha! I freakin' love you.

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