Saturday, November 28, 2009

Still Pregnant.

Here I am at 40 weeks 4 days pregnant!
I deleted the name badge from the blog because it was mocking me. On Thanksgiving it said, "Ada Elizabeth is two days old!" Liar.
How far along? 10 months 4 days
Total weight gain: 34 lbs!
Stretch marks? Nope...hallelujah! 
Sleep: I am the pillow lady. Poor Matt gets barricaded away from me :(
Best moment this month: Being told I look small & beautiful...haha! Even though they were probably just being nice it was awesome because I feel HUGE!
Movement: Is still strong! You can see her feet on my right side, she grapevines up and down from my hips to ribs.
Food cravings: Lemonade, orange juice, apples, peanut butter, & Dr. Pepper.
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: Tons of contractions, nothing consistent though. Just waiting for them to become more painful and regular so that I can go to the hospital! 
Belly Button in or out? My belly button is weird. I guess it's out? 
What I miss: Being able to bend over and pick things up off the ground, tie my shoes, etc. without being uncomfortable.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting my DAUGHTER!
Monthly Wisdom: Try not to get mad at people who give you unsolicited advice. They really do mean well :)
Milestones: She could come out any second. NOW! Nope. NOW?! Nope...


Allison and Mason: said...

So before I even had read what you had written I called Mason over to look at your picture and said, "Look how tiny she still is... and she's overdue!" You do still look so stinkin' cute and petite. I'm so sure you don't feel it but you look darling. Just have Matt lay on top of you. How's that for unsolicited advice? Love you so much!

Alissa said...

I feel for you pilla' lady:) Ada will be here soon!!! Can't wait to see her!

thechristensens said...

You poor thing! I can't wait to see this little girl! Dr. Pepper was also one of my downfalls! Good luck with things!!

JaRele said...

You look wonderful Kara!! You and Matt will be such cute parents!! I know what you mean about the advice. Still drives me crazy sometimes. Smile and nod is my motto. Can't wait to see your baby girl!!

Aaron and Jaquelyn said...

I went over my due date with my first also! Its hard, but hang in, anyday you will have a little cutie in your arms.

Amy said...

You look fabulous still! I hope since you haven't posted in the last few days it means you have had your little one!

Chany said...

Okay- we are anxiously awaiting news on your little arrival. PLease let us know when she comes!
All our love to you three!!!

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