Monday, August 17, 2009

Maternity Photos

Beth Armsheimer is a very talented local photographer, we went to high school together! 
She shot these at the Kaleidoscope Inn, where we had our wedding reception three years ago :) 
Check out the beautiful images she captured of Matt, (Ada), & I. 

Isn't the fish eye one hilarious?! My belly looks HUGE!! 
I adore the one of Matt & I looking up at the camera, that one definitely deserves a frame :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

25 weeks!

Here I am at 6 months 1 week pregnant. There was a fire east of Santa Maria, so the sky had a red, hazy appearance. This picture looks like I've antiqued it or something because of it! Kinda cool.

I'm still feeling great! Ada moves around constantly. Matt loves feeling her and can tell where she's hanging out in my belly.
She had her first hiccups this past week, it was awesome! I was thinking, "What on earth is she doing in there? It feels like she's body-slamming my stomach!"
I realized that the bounces were pretty equally spaced. Then it hit me: she had the hiccups! :)

For the record: I hate eggplant. The texture grosses me out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Six months pregnant!

Weekly photo shoot time! Being silly with Matt. Yes I'm still wearing my high heels...I refuse to give them up. Yet. My feet haven't changed or gotten swollen so I'm going to wear what looks good :)
Total weight gain/loss: Gained 7 lbs. total 
Maternity clothes? Still loving my maternity jeans and wearing normal shirts and dresses.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Is glorious! Been putting a pillow between my knees which is comfy. Matt even tried it out and likes it! 
Best moment this month: Sitting on the couch with Matt's hand on my stomach saying, "It's Daddy! Kick for Daddy!" And Ada did it three times! So cool :)
Movement: Is so much more noticeable now! I can see my tummy move and so can others. She's a strong little girl and loves to let me know it. 
Food cravings: Not so much. Just been eating normal. Still loving fruit though!
Gender: Female!
Labor Signs: Minor Braxton-Hicks contractions, nothing huge. Like a little cramp then it goes away.
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but it is pretty shallow. 
What I miss: Squeezing through small spaces without hitting my stomach!
What I am looking forward to: Being done with finals, and moving into a 2 bedroom condo!
Milestones: Making it to "V-day", where technically she could survive outside of my body. We're not going to let that happen...but it is a neat milestone. And the fact that I'm SIX months along! Very exciting :) 

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