Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ada is 8 Months Old!

Ada loves pulling herself up on the umbrella!
Suddenly I feel like she is growing up way too fast. She is hitting some very exciting milestones, and they are bittersweet! 
She is becoming so mobile. Crawling everywhere & pulling herself up on anything in sight (mom's legs included)! She's standing, walking with one hand held, balancing while holding onto things, and walking around while holding onto couches and coffee tables. 
She is loving her rice cereal & purees, especially blueberries, applesauce, carrots & yams.  Zucchini and spaghetti squash are just okay. She loves the little puff cereal, which I bought after she mooched one off Hudson at the beach last week! She picks them up with her pointer finger and thumb and sometimes ends up with two or three clenched in her chubby fist.
This morning she woke me up with her own little jibber jabber language, jaw flapping up and down, making those squishy cheeks bounce away. I opened my eyes, said good morning, and was greeted with the biggest smile, squinty eyes, and flapping arms you ever did see. Oh how I love my baby girl :) 
This was how last Sunday's nap looked :)


Diana said...

So cute and she is growing so fast! Well, really as fast as everyone else, just learning fast!

The Feuerleins said...

Oh my goodness! She is getting cuter and cuter, if that is possible. I see so much of both of you in her and it makes me so happy! I miss her! Giver her a kiss and a squish for me!

Shannon said...

Okay, she is a little model! Look at her posing on that umbrella.

ps are you guys still coming out here?? Come hang out with us!

Robbie said...

Oh Gosh! How cute is she!?

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