Sunday, June 26, 2011

Houston Trip!

Lindsay, Ada & I flew out to Houston last weekend for our cousin's wedding!
Matthew married KayLa Williams, and they are such a cute couple. The sealing was lovely & the Houston Temple is beautiful! 
I loved that the sealer told them to put 100% of themselves in. A marriage is not 50/50. It's 100/100! And also to always focus on the other person more than yourself. Wonderful advice!
After exiting the Temple & after cutting the cake at the reception
Uncle Dana finally winning Ada over with cupcakes. I love this picture so much!
She can be won easily with food :) 
Ada loved dancing at the reception!
I think she really thought she was line dancing.
Between the Sealing & Reception, Ada didn't get a nap in. 
She crashed on the car ride back to the hotel, stayed asleep in my arms up to the room, while I undressed her, and fell back on the bed like this. We were cracking up! 
Long, fun day for a baby girl!

We stayed with my dad & Pam the other days. 
On our way to some delicious Texas BBQ one night, Ada busted out with the best voice ever.
It was SO hot & humid, so I thought it would be good to go to the Children's Museum one day.
It was gloriously air conditioned!
Ada absolutely loved it! Nannie & her had a blast playing together. 

Best idea I've ever had :) This is her on the ride back home.
Ada wasn't so sure about Captain Walt's trombone...

She was so excited to see her Papa again after almost a week apart!

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Shannon said...

My sis lives in Houston! We love it down there, though it is SO hot!

ps, I've been thinking about you and your baby girl this week! I need advice on girls--help!

Hope you are feeling well ;)

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