Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ada is 19 Months

Ada is growing up! We had her check-up last month at around 18 1/2 months.
Weight: 27 lbs. 80th percentile
Height: 33 in. 85th percentile
Head Circumference: 18.5 in. 75th percentile  
She is such a fun little girl. Constantly chattering away and learning more words each day! Today's word was puppy. Puppy, puppy, hi puppy to every dog we saw on our walk. 
One of her favorite things to do is what we have termed Roll Call. She names off everyone in the vicinity and points to them. "Mommy! Papa! Nannie! Nonnie! Baby! Lala!"
She loves reading to herself.
No is another favorite word, along with okay & thank you. It sounds like, "Tay-dew." She'll say it over and over again until you say, "You're welcome!" 
When she runs she does a funny little trot/skip thing. 
When we ask her what her buns are, she pats them and says, "Bup." 
She is full of energy & life with lots to say!
She kisses my belly and says Lala...we are interested to see how she reacts to a new baby in the family!


Shannon said...

She is gorgeous and looks just like you! I hope Lola looks just the same!

Adrienne said...

she has gorgeous eyes

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