Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lola is 5 Months Old!

Or was, on Jan. 7th :) Where has the time gone? Where has my sleepy little newborn gone?! This babycakes is babbling away and rolling all over town. Check it out:
Ada is crying for me at the end because Matt accidentally kneed her in the head :( That boy is just too big for this little world we live in. Always knocking things over and bumping into stuff. (Ada was fine, just needed a kiss to, "make eh all be-her")
Lola's 5 month stats:
Height: 2 ft. 2.5 in. 90th percentile
Weight: 18 lbs. 95th percentile
Head Circumference: 44.8 cm. 100th percentile!
Her doctor marveled at her perfectly round, large head! Once again, a trait from Papa :)
Lola is the smiliest baby I have ever met. She will give you a smile and melt you into a puddle on the floor.
She loves to be burrowed while she sleeps, her favorite place is right in the crook of my neck. I love it :)
She is a mellow, happy girl that is such a blessing in our home. I know Heavenly Father knew I couldn't manage without a calm baby like her. I thought that Ada was an easy baby, but Lola is even more so.
The church dress was made by a sweet woman in our ward. I absolutely love it! The blue brings out her blue eyes. And look at that smile! She had just recognized herself on the screen when I took this one of us.
She loves to grab & pull things. Hair, earrings, faces, you name it.
Also, everything is going into her mouth. Eeek!
It sounds like she says, "Hey!" and "Hi!" when she babbles. She kicks her left leg repeatedly while getting her diaper changed and sometimes while falling asleep. Her arms are also constant motion, patting your shoulder or arm rhythmically.
She has started using the walker and really likes being upright vs. just rolling around all day.
Her favorite place to be is in someone's arms though :)  
She is the squishiest, most kissable baby ever. We love you Lola J!


lj said...

Haha! You can hear Matt say "Oops! Sorry!"

Lori and Matt said...

she's so cute and you look gorgeous mama! i love your bangs and dark hair!

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