Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lola is 10 Months Old!

As of June 7th :)
She is such a sweet, happy, smiley baby! This is her traveling to Kansas for my cousin's wedding.
She was so good, falling asleep on me in the airport and on the return flight.
10 month old stats:
Height: 30.1 in. 95th percentile
Weight: 22 lbs. 7 oz. 90th percentile
Head circumference: 18.5 in. 95th percentile

She is a great eater and loves to swing at the park
She also loves to DANCE! She gets her left arm pumping (we think she's going to be a lefty like me!), it's so funny! And if you're holding her while music comes on, her little chubby legs start bouncing and her hips start going back and forth. She & Ada love this cartoon that was around when I was little. I woke up with the new, catchy theme song in my head one night...dang kids' shows!
She even smiles in her sleep:
Says: Mama, Papa (in a whisper), hey, hi (sounds like eye), and uh-oh. She blabbers a ton and can be VERY loud when she wants food or to be picked up! Speaking of, she is a total Momma's girl and wants me all the time. This is so different from Ada who is a total Daddy's girl! I love it for the most part...sometimes it's nice to have a break.
Lola crawls really fast and cruises around the house holding onto furniture. She walks behind a toy truck, pushing it, and will walk while holding onto one of my fingers. She'll be walking on her own before we know it! 
Lola loves to wave, blow kisses, play peek-a-boo, nod yes, shake her head no, and blink really long & hard (I think she thinks she's winking).
This is her sleeping at my mom's house, the most comfortable baby in the world!
Her hair has a really cool reddish/blond color to it. I wonder if she'll be strawberry blond like her Auntie Linds? It will be interesting to see.
Her eyes are still blue. She has three teeth on bottom & all four on top coming in at the same time!
She won't keep socks or shoes on no matter how hard I try! Same goes for hair bows. They last 2 seconds before she yanks them out. 
Here she is getting her first taste of lemon:
Ada calls her, "Lola-lee." She's my Lola-loo, Lo, Boo bear, Nuggles, Chuggins, Lola J. Sweet babe that we adore! 

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Kelsey said...

What a sweetie...and she looks so much like you!!!!!

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