Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lola's 1st Birthday Party

Lola's 13 month checkup stats:
Weight: 24 lbs. 11 oz. 94th percentile
Height: 30.1 in. 68th percentile
Head Circumference: 18.98 in. 99th percentile 
So she still has a giant head :) Her height has tapered off some which makes me think she may have some short Miller genes! The doctor said not to worry about the change, she's still 7th in line out of 10. Just packing on the pounds and not stretching out yet :) He always comments on her little lips, too. Says she and Ada have the most perfect, curly lips.
We celebrated as a family when my mom was in town. Look at the adorable birthday outfit she brought for Lola! Ada had a dress-up headband she grabbed and gave to Lola when she saw the purple tu-tu. 
She knew she was stylin! And sassy with that shoulder hanging out ;)
I made Miette's double chocolate cupcakes that I'll post on my food blog later.
She was not sure what to think of the candle!
She became more comfortable when the singing began :)
A little help from Papa and big sis to blow out her candle:
This is her happy food face :)
So good!
I love this look, like she's getting away with murder!
Lola, how old are you?
What are you eating?
All done!
Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Lola Girl! We just love her so much. She and Ada are interacting more and more every day, I love hearing their giggles together. 
- loves to give raspberries
- wedges herself between you and whatever is taking your attention from her
- is the snuggliest little babe you've ever met! She will come up to me all throughout the day and just climb into my lap and burrow her head into my neck or push her cheek up against mine. Just needs some love and hugs and then she's off and running to the next adventure.
- is obsessed with caps & lids. If you give her a water bottle or baby food pouch she has to have the cap in the other hand so she can replace it on her own. 
- says Mama, Papa, Day-da (Ada), Nannie (Nonnie), Ba-ba (bottle), Yeah, uh-huh, no, yum...
- is still a total momma's girl! 
- walking all over
- loves to dance and sing
- teething like crazy and finally getting her fourth bottom tooth in!
- loves having her hair brushed and back scratched
- hates having her diaper or clothes changed
- is pickier with food than her big sis was, but still a good eater
- loves shaking her head no; An employee at Home Depot asked Ada for a high-five and she said no. (He was big, loud, and burly so I don't really blame her haha) He then tried Lola and she shook her head no. We were cracking up!
- watches her big sister 
- loves being around people
- is still a mellow, happy girl (when teething doesn't interfere)
- loves dogs and does a grunt/rah thing that's a bark whenever she sees them


lj said...

Oh so cute!!! I miss that girl so much! She's adorable!

Lori Thompson said...

happy birthday CUTE Lola!!

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