Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lola is 1 Year Old!

On August 7th, my baby turned one year old. This year has been the fastest year of my life. I hear that time goes by faster and faster the older they get. It seriously seems like I was just pregnant and heading to the hospital to have my sweet Lola girl! Labor & delivery post here.
Her one year check-up is on the 17th, so I'll post her stats after that. 
This was last month after church. Just learning to walk, check out the balancing! She won't keep shoes or socks on for the life of her, Nana says that makes her a true Bundy :)

She is walking now and loves to grab your finger to lead you somewhere. If you don't go where she wants, she growls at you! This was the day she took off on her own. I handed her a bottle in the kitchen, went to wash my hands, and she walked to me wide-eyed and bottle in mouth. This is that evening. 
Lola only has three teeth on the bottom! Four on top. It makes her little smile look crooked and is so funny. We keep wondering when that fourth tooth will make it's appearance. Pushing her face up to the glass at Nonnie's house!
How she says my name:
And bonking her head at the end...she was okay thanks to her tough noggin :)
Cheesy cheeser. 
Still loves to nuzzle and bury her face in my neck!
Lola is such a little snuggler. Throughout the day, she will crawl into my lap, put her chubby arms around me, and lay her head on my shoulder. She'll sit there hugging me for a while then go back to what she was doing. It melts my heart every time! She loves the carrier because it means she gets to be snuggled up against me :)
She also loves to give big, wide-open mouthed kisses. She gets crazy. Speaking of wide-open mouths, there is NO mistaking when she's hungry! Baby girl is like a little bird! It looks like she has a small mouth until she opens it HUGE for food!  
We love our sweet little Lola. She is such a happy girl and a joy to be a mother to! Happy one year sweet girl!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dance Parties!

We love to dance in this house. Lola is walking now and loves getting in on the action! Here are the girls this morning rocking out to Billy Joel with me. They can't help themselves...they've heard his songs since they were in my belly. Ada was in my belly when I saw him LIVE! Ahhh wonderful memories :)

And dancing with Papa always ends with both girls wanting to be held by him. Good thing he's strong like bull!

Typical day at the Miller casa :)
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