Monday, January 28, 2013


"I wanna make a bungo couch." - referring to when we push the ottoman up against the couch and call it jumbo couch.

While listening to music in the car, she always asks what the name of the song is and who is singing it. Last night it was Taylor Swift's, "You Belong With Me." She listened to the song a minute then said, "Mommy, I just belong to you." I was fighting tears back so I could keep driving!
Handing me a paper shaped like an oval, "It's a Bolbo. Just like our car." (We have a Volvo.)

Putting laundry into the dryer and Ada's helping me. While wearing her Google hat. I say, "Put it in soup boy!" She says, "I'm not a soup boy!" - pause - "Yes, I'm a scoop boy. Cuz I got my hat. I'm a scoop boy all day long."

"Is that Heavenly Father?" - Ada while watching Lebron James speak. (Maybe she knows something we don't?!)

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