Friday, February 22, 2013

Lola is 18 Months Old!

How can this be?! My baby is 18 months old! I almost forgot and didn't put her in Nursery until halfway through the second hour. She was perfectly happy to go in during singing & snack time :) She kept happy on the rocking chair with no tears at all. Matt said when he went to pick her up, she whined a little fake cry, like, "Awww you leeeeeft me!" 
We lovingly refer to this as her Chris Farley face.
Lola is such a crack up! Her little personality is so funny. She loves to give raspberries, kisses, and hugs. She's our little snuggle love!

This picture was taken by Ada. Lola has toothpaste on her face. I can't leave them alone for 2 minutes!
Loves the rocking chair our friends are loaning us :)
LOVES to dance!
She used to be strictly a Mama's girl, but since being weaned she sure loves her Papa a lot more :)
 - Loves her stuffed animals and blankies. 

- Starting to give sassy looks...dramatic eye-rolls already! 
- Realizes when she's being funny and keeps doing whatever is making us laugh
- Says, "Eeeeeee" for Please
"Iiiiiiii" for Ice (frozen Gogurt)
"Day Dew" for Thank you
"Day-Duh" for Ada
"Huh" for Yes
"Balah-la-la" for Banana
And many other, indistinguishable, words.

She is such a fun, sweet little girl. Sometimes she gets a crazy streak and just wants to steamroll everyone and's wild! She loves to watch people at first. Ada will run out and say hi to every single person while Lola hangs back and observes until she is comfortable with the situation. We are so glad that you are ours, Lola Jennie! 

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