Saturday, March 23, 2013


"Mommy, I'm gonna eat your face. Then, I'm gonna drink your eyes!"

Ada was bouncing her feet on my chair at dinner. I kept moving them in front of her, and she kept putting them back on my chair. I said, "Ada, please stop kicking my chair! You're driving me nuts!" She goes, "Nuts on your faaaaaace! Hahahahhaaaa!"

She was singing a song she made up. It sounded like, "Douche-y, douche-y, douche, douche, douche-y!" Now I hesitated to share this, because I despise that word! I hate that it has become a socially acceptable nickname for jerks. Disgusting. We never ever say that word, so I know it was just a fluke made-up song with a word she thought she created. Let's just hope she doesn't ever sing it in public. Or at church.
We were walking in Target and passed a lady who was severely obese. Ada said, loud enough for her to hear, "Her's got a BIG tummy!" It was the first time I was embarrassed in public by one of my children. I whispered in her ear to not make comments about how people look in public and she innocently asked, "Why not?" We had a talk about being polite and not pointing, etc. on the drive home.

Eating oatmeal at the table for breakfast & Ada is wiggling her bowl around. I sang, "Danc-ing oat-meal!" and she sang back, "Oat-meal dance par-ty, with - the - spoon!"

Ada would not go to sleep last night. Matt and I said goodnight multiple times, took her potty, etc. She finally came up the stairs and said, "We didn't say prayers." She was right...we came home from the store late and rushed to get the girls in bed quickly. We then knelt down and Ada said a prayer of thanks for the day & that she and Lola would sleep well. She stayed in bed after that :)

In Sunbeams, they were learning about water and all of the things we need it for. Ada's teacher asked her, "Do you use water to help your mommy cook things?" Ada just stared at her for a second and then responded flatly, "I'm just a kid." 

Angry with Lola because she wanted something she had, "Lola, SHARE! SHARING IS CARING!" 

She had a cut on her knuckle and said, "Mommy! Look at my nickel!" 
Ones I already shared on facebook but will post for the sake of documentation:

Sitting here with a stack of Joe-Joes and a glass of milk. Ada comes over, eyeing the cookies and says, "OH! Family cookies!" I said, "Noooo. These are MOMMY cookies." She goes, "I don't know...those really really look like family cookies!" 

Listening to Justin Timberlake's new song Suit & Tie...he says, "Let me show you a few things" Ada asks, "Why he wanna show me the toothpaste?!"

Listening to the baby monitor, Ada is telling Lola to "cry a lot!" so that I'll come down and get them. :) "Cry, Lola, cry!"

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