Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Late Night Homework Time

Well there isn't much to report here with the Millers recently! We have been house sitting for the Crumps while they are in Europe, I have loved cooking in Michelle's beautiful kitchen! I will miss that dishwasher and all this space when we go back to our humble home :) Kiley has been great, although usually you ease into parenthood...instead of having a 14-year-old all of a sudden! We have adopted her as our honorary daughter. Haha
Last night I was finishing up my math homework and Matt didn't want to go to bed without me. So he stuck by my side and held my hand (yes, I'm a lefty) while I finished.

He was snoring so I knew I could get away with snapping some pics with my phone! So sweet.

We say goodbye at 9 AM and then see each other again at 9 PM, with many texts and calls during the day of course. We sure cherish our time together!

Hope you all are doing great, only 10 weeks left in this crazy semester and even less until Spring Break!


Becky said...

Glad you posted something new :) I enjoy checking out your site while at work...!
I know how it is to cherish what time you have together.....This morning I left at 7am for work while Caleb slept and I wont see him until midnight tonight when he is home from work but I'll be sleeping...then same thing tomorrow morning I'll leave while he's asleep then wont see him until he's back at midnight from work, Thursday the same, Friday night the same too except I can actually stay up and wait for him since its a weekend....! So, I wont really see my hubby till Friday. :( Enjoy your time when you have it!!!!

Shannon said...

Okay, pictures of the spouse while snoring?! Mitch would kill me! (but secretly that is hilarious!)... this is why I love you kara! (ps, still resisting the urge to call you KJ).

Gena said...

I love sweet and simple pictures that tell a story! Just from one picture you can see how much Matt takes care of you! I think that is so sweet!

Jared and Tori said...

You guys are so sweet I love it! What a stinkin' cute hubby you have! Most guys wouldn't even care :) I love being around you two because you are so good to eachother. You guys are special! Muah!

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