Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break!

Hallelujah! No homework :)

My mom, aunt Liz, cousin Becca and I are road trippin it out to Utah! We are going to visit Lindsay,


David (crazy smile),



Ben, Alissa, Claira, & Dylan!

I had to add the last one of Matt w/ Dylan since he was in his momma's belly at our wedding! :)
Hopefully we'll get to see lots of other friends while we're out there! Let me know if you are reading this and want to get together, we'll be out there until the 27th. I can't wait to relax, eat out, go shopping, and be with the girls. I will miss my husband like crazy. Hopefully he'll be able to get ahead in his Accounting class without me around to distract him. And a week is nothing compared to when we were separated last summer! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Remind me of that around Thursday, mmkay?

My New Favorite Product!

This thing is a lifesaver. Our shower is completely tile. And really big for the size of our little place, which is nice...but a bummer to clean! Enter Scrubbing Bubbles!!! You push a button once you get out of the shower and voila! This contraption sprays your whole shower down. Bye bye mold! Isn't it ridiculous the things I get excited about? Matt actually likes it too, believe it or not!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sandy's Rendezvous at Pismo

Have you ever seen a happier pup? 
On Friday I took Miss Sandra Lucille Johnson- Miller to the beach for some fun.

She chased seagulls, ran in the salt water, and made friends with everyone on the beach.

Frolicking in the surf

Showing off her Chinese Shar-pei side!
She loved the wind blowing her ears back.

Pooped puppy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Late Night Homework Time

Well there isn't much to report here with the Millers recently! We have been house sitting for the Crumps while they are in Europe, I have loved cooking in Michelle's beautiful kitchen! I will miss that dishwasher and all this space when we go back to our humble home :) Kiley has been great, although usually you ease into parenthood...instead of having a 14-year-old all of a sudden! We have adopted her as our honorary daughter. Haha
Last night I was finishing up my math homework and Matt didn't want to go to bed without me. So he stuck by my side and held my hand (yes, I'm a lefty) while I finished.

He was snoring so I knew I could get away with snapping some pics with my phone! So sweet.

We say goodbye at 9 AM and then see each other again at 9 PM, with many texts and calls during the day of course. We sure cherish our time together!

Hope you all are doing great, only 10 weeks left in this crazy semester and even less until Spring Break!

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