Friday, April 10, 2009

The Mathews' Visit!

The weekend of March 21st, we were lucky enough to have the Mathews Family come visit us here in CA! They live in St. George and took a road trip out here. Cortney was Matt's Trainer on the mission, and they are the best of friends. He and Emily have the most adorable little boy, Corbin:

Sandy took on watching Corbin like a little was the cutest thing! They followed each other around everywhere.

We took them out to Port San Luis for some family pictures.

Aren't they the greatest looking family?!

I think Corbin was watching Matt dance around in this shot...

We had fun looking at the seagulls and sea lions.

We tried our very hardest to talk them into moving out here...even Nana got in on the promotion of beautiful Santa Maria, CA!

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip.

The day after they left, I told Matt, "I miss Corbin." He is such a fun kid and has the best little personality!

Come visit us again soon...we love you guys!


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness that child is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, photography, and you! xoxo-Sarah (Woods) Gagon

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