Friday, July 31, 2009


It's a summer tradition in our family to make strawberry jam. Ever since I can remember, Nana has made jam to last our WHOLE family last the year through! This is incredible, seeing as Sean goes through about a jar a day. I might be exaggerating. But seriously, that kid eats PB&Js like nobody's business!
Every time Lindsay and/or Rach come home from Utah, what do they make sure and take back with them? Strawberry jam. 
What is requested when we drive out to Utah to visit them? Strawberry jam.
What is served at dinners with Nana's homemade bread? Strawberry jam.
We love this stuff :)

Step 1: Start with succulent Santa Maria jam berries, wash.

Step 2: Mash!
Step 3: Add zee sugar
Step 4: Let sit, add pectin. Stir, stir, stir. My mom teased me about my face when I was on hour 3 of jam making and stirring as I stared off into space. I looked thrilled I guess ;)
Step 5: Pour into containers and put in Nana & Bobba's freezer!
Sandy says, "You guys are boring...just in the kitchen working all day. Play with me!" 

Hooray for strawberry jam 2009!
Next summer, little Ada will be there with us learning the ways of jam making :)
Click here to hear the song I was singing all day...throwback to jazz dance class '93!


Colleen said...

Those fresh picked Santa Maria berries make the BEST jam ever. We have already cleaned out three containers since we got home ... and David isn't even here to pile it on! I've been making Nana's bread every day--it's not as good as hers, but I still try. (We are all feeling a bit homesick for Cali.) LOVE YOU TONS!!!

:) said...

Love making Jam!! We just did the same, but have been so busy to blog it. WOuld have loved to see you guys while I was there, but holy cow I didn't eve have a second to rest. Maybe when we come out around Christmas time we can all meet up somewhere. That would be so much fun. When are you due??

Shannon said...

Mitch's grandma makes a great jam too... it's nice to be the recipient of this tradition!

Yours looks delicious.

Sue said...

I love making apricot freezer jam(from our tree)! So easy, and great dividends! Nothing better than homemade jam on bread, especially homemade! What a treat!

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