Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ada is 6 Months Old!

Ada loves to cruise around in her little Tot Rider 2. Awesome name, right? You have to watch your toes and ankles around her in it, she goes kamikaze on you and charges!
Ada also loves naps on the beach. Wouldn't you love to sleep this well all the time?
She tried mashed up bananas for the first time and liked it...we think.
She seemed very interested by the texture & acted like she wanted to feel the bananas in her hands. Then after two bites she would turn her head away.
Latest Adaisms:
- saying ra-ra-ra-ra-ra & blah-blah-blah
- screaming with a huge smile & testing out different volumes and tones (she does this little whisper, "rahhhh!" that kills me every time)
- growling. It started with my brother one night at dinner, and she's kept it up ever since. Too funny!
- SO close to crawling! She does a face-dozer where she pushes off with her legs & has her head down. Gets up on her knees and has her rear in the air, but hasn't quite coordinated the arms and legs going together. Pretty sure her belly is too heavy to lift off the ground :)
- scoots around on her belly and spins in circles
- does little yoga poses: downward-facing dog, cobra, happy baby, etc.
- makes noise whenever it gets loud (vacuuming, loud restaurant, noisy conversations, singing)
- smiles freely! It's the greatest...she already knows to smile for the camera...uh oh! :)
- recognizes people
- loves textures
- opens and closes her hands
- moves her wrist up and down when she grabs something
She is around 20 lbs. and has her next doctors appointment later this month. I'll post her official stats then.


Alissa said...

Yay Ada! What a big girl! Eating bananas & everything! That's so cool:)

Diana said...

Wow, how time flies!

Shannon said...

I love that she says rah rah rah and growls! That is awesome!!

ps, Emerson would never sleep on the beach; he has great naps when he's in his bed, with white noise on and everything is quiet, lol.

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