Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Santa Cruz!

We are going to be a banana slug family (such a fierce mascot)!
Matt has been accepted to UC Santa Cruz to finish his Bachelors Degree in Business Management Economics.
We will be moving up there in September and will be there for two years.

This past weekend we took a trip up north to take care of business. We took a tour of campus & saw giant redwoods that looked fake. And deer wandering around. What kind of a place is this?! It felt like we should've been camping. Not to mention the whole campus looks over the beautiful Monterey gorgeous. I think it must be the most picturesque college campus ever!
Matt met with his counselor and we mapped out the next two years of classes. It was nice to meet with a competent counselor that knows her stuff & cares about us...not just getting us out of her office.
We ate at the Santa Cruz Diner (any Diners, Drive-ins & Dives fans out there?!) and it was SO YUMMY! We'll probably frequent that place when we move :)
The next day we went to Capitola Beach and walked around.
It is such a cute area that feels similar to Avila Beach.
Then we went to the famous Boardwalk which was a lot creepier than I remember it being!
Weird how your perception changes once you have a child :)
Ada making her nose bounce up and down with Poppa after walking around.
On Sunday we went to church at the Capitola Ward. It was small because a ton of people were out of town. Everyone was SO friendly and telling us to live on this side of the river so that we'd be in their ward. Just how we tell everyone to live on this side of Patterson Road so that they'll be in 3rd Ward :) The Bishop and his wife spent a long time talking with us and telling us which areas are good for a family to live in. We felt so welcomed and hope we can find a place in their ward!
After Sacrament Meeting we headed home and this is how Ada looked most of the time:
The drive really isn't that bad, it took us around 3 hrs. Still on the California coast and close enough for weekend trips home. We are looking forward to this new adventure & lots of visitors once we get settled up there!


Erinn Smith said...

Funny you mention Diners, Drive ins & Dives or Triple D as we call it. It's my Dad's favorite show-he has a master list, trying to hit as many as possible.

Sean & Carly said...

Sean is in San Jose right now and spends every weekend at the beach in SC...I may be out there again before he comes home in August - a little too soon to get together, but maybe next year!

The Feuerleins said...

Banana Slugs? Are you serious? Hahahahahaha! I can't wait to have a new fun place to visit!

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