Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Mama!

Today we went to Avila and walked along the beach. Ada loves being out and about & waved to everyone who walked by.

After dinner she conked out in the car. I just love how peaceful she looks while she sleeps. I was watching her and Matt said I had that mom look on my face...

Then we drove out by Sisquoc and watched a beautiful sunset! 
On our way home, I just might have made Matt throw it into reverse & pull over tonight so I could take a picture of this trailer. I was expecting Big Mama to peek through those blinds at any second and yell at me!


Diana said...

I love Ada's tights! Beautiful pictures!

Kelsey said...

i LOVE sleeping babes, and i ALWAYS have the the MOM face too!!!! =) you just can't help it, looking at them thinking...."Ah, thats mine...and she is a miracle!" So precious!

Matthew and Shanna said...

So I wanted to tell you that I made that BBQ Pulled Pork recipe you posted for my family that came into town and we all loved it! Thanks for posting it!

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