Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ada is 9 Months Old!

(two weeks late)
Cracking herself up!
She is doing more and more each day and I am constantly amazed! She is either cracking us up with her funny Adaisms or noticing something. One of our new neighbors said, "She is very studious, look at her watching me so carefully!" She is a very observant little one and is hard to trick...she knows when I take something away that it is still in my hand or wherever I put it :)
Love those rosy cheeks & rolls with the tan lines!
Tonight she was watching the birds fly out front and going, "Ooh! Ooh!"
When you ask her what sound an (insert animal here) makes, she does that. "Ooh! Ooh!" She is blabbering more and more, and making more sounds that sound like actual words. She says ma-ma but I'm still waiting for the moment when she says it to get my attention or uses it directly to me.
She sits on her bottom and spins in a circle
Claps her hands (done this morning when Elmo's World came on)
Puts her hand over her mouth and goes blah-blah-blah
Pretends to brush her hair with the comb
Loves other children and babies
Likes to sing along with us
Is getting her two bottom teeth in! (thus the excess drool & rash on her chin) We had a few rough nights and she's not as easygoing right now...but I know it will pass, right?!
Loves her solid foods and mooches off Matt & I
If you zoom on this, you can barely see her two little teeth breaking through!
Cruises around on everything and is getting better balance while walking. She's taken a step or two here and there on her own but then realizes she's not holding onto anything or anyone and sits down. I am okay with this because I don't think I'm ready for a walker! Ahhh!!
Munching on her toes


The Feuerleins said...

I absolutely LOVE her outfit in the first picture. does that come in my size? I just can't get over how much she looks like both of you! Love her!

Alissa said...

I agree, that outfit is adorable!!! Where did you get it?!?! She is such a cutie!

Diana said...

Love it! I can't wait when she's running around. so cute!

Lori Thompson said...

Happy happy birthday sweet Ada! I am already planning Nathan's 1 year party....Can't wait!

Shannon said...

That dress at the top is unreal. SO adorable! And love her eating the feet. Come to Utah so we can play with the babes!!

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