Friday, September 10, 2010

Moved to Santa Cruz!

We packed up the important stuff...
And made it to Santa Cruz in one piece! 
Ada loves her new home, this picture is of her the first morning here.
We are almost out of boxes and I'm looking forward to hanging pictures on the walls. It's such a crazy process, moving. The day after we arrived, I put some books on my dresser. Just having them lined up and in some sort of order amidst the boxes and chaos made me feel better.
We live right on this lagoon. Ada likes watching the ducks land on it in the evening.
Having fun watching the guys from our ward help Papa unload our truck. 
I was so impressed with how many guys showed up. They didn't know us before we moved here. Not only did they give of their time, but many brought their young sons along. It was so neat to see these good fathers teaching their sons about service and the true essence of charity by their own examples.
I was thinking what I would say if anyone asked us who helped us move in. I would have told them that they were my brothers! That's what we truly are, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Some notes about Santa Cruz:
- I have seen more beards and dreadlocks in my one week living here than in the rest of my 26 years on this planet!
- Everyone in our ward has been so welcoming and sweet. They have gone out of their way to help us, include us, and make us feel important. The next two years are going to be wonderful because of them.
- We are so close to the ocean that the difference in temperature is staggering. It will be 72 during the day and then 50 at night. Brr!
- We saw a Mystery Machine today, it looked exactly like the one from Scooby Doo! Although Matt said that the guy needed to repaint it, it was looking a little "Shaggy" har-har! 
- I also have seen more people dancing and talking to themselves in the grocery store than anywhere else I've been before!


The Feuerleins said...

Who lives near a lagoon? Honestly! I love it! I've said it before and I will say it a million times: Ada is RIDICULOUSLY adorable. It's like inhuman. I wanna squish her!

Ckog! said...

I LOVE that you're in Santa Cruz now!! I'm *hoping* to head home in Oct and I'm GOING to go to the Boardwalk while I'm there! SO, I'll have to see you! PLUS! That guy who drives the Mystery Machine is hilarious- he was at Little Caesars one time and we were like dude, your ride is sweet and then we talked for like 20 minutes!! AND. Ada is SUPER adorable. Not like you didn't already know that though!

Shannon said...

Your notes about SC are AWESOME. It is definitely a unique place ;) Hope you guys are loving it, and I need to see more pics of Ada playing with the boxes; those are so adorable!

Alissa said...

So glad you guys are already making friends! That will really make those 2 years fly by! Santa Cruz sounds so fun! I love it:)

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