Friday, December 3, 2010

Ada is One Year Old!

One year ago today, our lives changed forever. Announcement post here, birth story here, newborn photos here. I've been strolling down memory lane...thinking about our adorable little girl with such a big personality. Right now she is taking the nativity pieces down one by one and there is a wise man under the table, baby Jesus in her chubby little hand, and Mary in her princess tent.
She had her one year checkup on Tuesday. She weighed in at 23 lbs. 4 oz. (93rd percentile) and is 29 in. tall (73rd percentile). 
The doctor said she is the picture of health and her language skills are very advanced. When he came in the room, she looked at him, said, "Hi!" and waved :)
She had three vaccinations, and we watched her closely all night to keep a high fever at bay. She woke us up at 6 AM and had another febrile seizure. It was scary for Matt because he didn't see her the first time it happened, now he knows why I called 911. He was able to give her a blessing and she finished seizing. Then she looked up at me and said, "Ohhhhhh!" Like, "What just happened?!" We got her in the tub and brought her temperature down. She slept really well after that. We did everything they told us to do should it happen again, and she has been herself ever since.
We celebrated her first birthday while my mom and sister were in town.
Auntie Linds gave her the tiara, she loves it! She'll touch it on her head then come over to show you how pretty she is :)
She loves Mr. Pony & her tent!
I love this face! She's looking at me like, "Really?! I can keep digging into this cake?!"
Oh happy day!
 A girl after her momma's own heart :)
Time for a bath! 
This little lady has brought so much joy and laughter to all who know and love her.
Just look at the pictures...she is constantly cracking us up with new faces and antics!
Ada, you are a beautiful girl that your momma and papa feel so blessed to be the parents of. We have loved this past year with you and cannot picture our lives without you! We are so excited to watch you continue to grow and learn about this big world around you. Happy birthday my little noodle nugget!


Jessica Esplin said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Ada! What an adorable girl you are!!

Allison and Mason: said...

What a sweet doll. She is so big. She is such a lucky girl to be so loved by all you guys. Happy Birthday little Ada.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Ada! Love the picture of her in the tent. Adorable!

Barrett, Jeanine, and Berlin Nichole said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl !! Kara you look lovely as ever !

SARAH said...

Happy Birthday! She is so cute! My little ones get high fever's from shots also, no seizures though (your a brave woman, that would scare me to death too, prayers to you and Matt), you can ask the doctor to spread out the shots to make it easier. I never do more then 2 shots and 1 of the 2 shots I make sure typically don't cause high fevers. Talk to your doctor, but just a thought. We were in the ER with our first one after shots! Like the MMR shot that they typically get when they are 1 causes a high fever and I wait until age 2 to give it, then their little bodies can handle it better. thought that might help. Love to Ada from us!

Sue said...

I like cake too, Ada! Happy Birthday!

Lori and Matt said...

Her little crown is so cute!Happy Birthday Ada!!

Jon and Michelle said...

Awww! Congratulations!! You guys made it to one year!! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl and many more to come!

Debbie and Matt said...

Happy Birthday to Ada! I love your header. What a wonderful family picture!

Diana said...

I love her tiara! What a princess! And how scary that she had another seizure but I'm glad it sounded mild. Thank goodness for watchful parents!

Emily said...

I'm glad she's okay! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Shannon said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! That tiara is PERFECT.

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