Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sing Off!

Matt & I love The Sing Off. Matt was in Barbershop in high school and secretly wishes he were still in an a capella group :) This season was so fun to watch, we loved The Backbeats and Committed. Tonight while we were shopping in San Luis, we saw Joanna, the lead singer of The Backbeats! We both saw her and debated over who was going to talk to her. I made sure it was her and then we went up and talked to her. She was so sweet! We told her that she should get a record contract because her voice is incredible! I had no idea that she was a local girl, so cool. Here we are in Gap :)


Rebekah Lynn said...

That's cool. The group Committed actually went to my High School but they were a few grades behind me I believe. All my FB friends were promoting them like crazy.

Reeve family said...

So cool you saw her! We LOVE the Sing Off too! I wanted Committed to win and was excited when they did!

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