Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grammy Visits!

My mom came up to visit during her spring break! It was so much fun having her here, and I cried when she left. 
I miss living near her so much, but we are lucky to still live in the same state. 
Grammy gave Ada a fun bucket of beach toys, so we walked down to Cowells Beach to try them out.
I think Matt may have had more fun with the toys building sandcastles and what not :) 
(Ada saw the bucket on the back patio the other day and said, "Oh wooooowwww!")
We went to San Francisco one day and visited Muir Woods. It is gorgeous! We weren't prepared for how cold and wet it would be, but still had a wonderful time. 
Ada & Matt shared a first together, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!
Going through a rainbow tunnel (?!)
Ada & Grammy getting ready to check out the redwoods
Getting her to hold still for a picture is pretty much impossible...
She just wants to RUN!
She loves climbing & exploring outside..."SIDE!" as she says :)
After Muir Woods we went to Ghirardelli Square and got hot fudge sundaes. Heaven in a spoon!
Then we went to Union Square and shopped, I got some awesome deals on maternity shirts at Old Navy. I never have luck with their jeans though, and maternity are no exception. They have a huge pooch in the crotch area that is oh-so-unflattering. I just ended up ordering another pair of the Motherhood Maternity ones I have in a longer cut since mine are high-waters. I digress!
We went to Los Gatos & San Jose another day. Here is Ada entertaining herself on the way to the mall. She loves seeing herself on screen & making ridiculous faces & noises. She's getting over a cold, so she had the funniest raspy voice!  
We ate at P.F. Chang's and Ada was being a little drummer girl with the chopsticks.
She even has the drummer face like her Poppa!
We had Ada's first Easter egg hunt after church and nap time. She is so worried by the eggs at first, then realizes they aren't so bad after all :) 
We miss you Grammy...thank you for coming to visit us & all of the fun!


Kelsey said...

LOVE when Moms come to visit!!! So FUN! and i agree completely, those hot fudge sundaes, should be a sin! =)
Cant believe how big Ada is getting, so cute!!!!

PS have you tried Targets Maternity jeans? I had a hard time with everyone Mat. jeans when i was prego with Ava and i actually found that i really liked Targets! Hope your feeling well!

Kara Miller said...

Thanks Kels! I haven't tried their jeans. Our Target (that is 20 min. away) has ONE rack of maternity jeans. Most of them are capris & the full length are size 0 or 18. Not so shopper-friendly! I should just order some online, as much as I hate doing that without trying them on.

The Huss Family said...

Motherhood has the only maternity jeans worth investing in. When I was pregnant with the twins their secret belly were the only ones to stay on.
And I cry when my mom leaves as well

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