Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lola is 1 Month Old!

Already?! Fastest month of my life. 
She is such a squishable, huggable, double-chinned ball of love. 
Her cry is getting a little louder, but is still cute. Her bottom lip and chin tremble sometimes.
She is very vocal, I call her my little grunt. Even while she sleeps she's making noise!
She makes some of the greatest faces! She seems very serious sometimes with her furrowed brow.
This girl LOVES to be snuggled. Swaddled up really tight, held, cradled...she's a snuggler. 
I hold her upright a lot because she spits up and is more gassy than Ada ever was. I'll be holding her and she'll nuzzle until she is face down smooshed up against my neck! Then she falls asleep and I turn her.
We finally got a double stroller! I'm no longer trapped inside or have someone else with me to go on a walk! 
I found it on craigslist and it was close to us, a reasonable price for the condition (still too much if you ask me), and we had the money available.  
The girls love it! Ada kept saying, "New!" Here's Lola in the back.
Apologies for the grainy pic, but it was early morning and taken on my phone. 
This is one of my favorite Lola expressions. Bright eyed (they look like they'll be blue like her momma's!), tight lips, and double chin.
Ada loves her little sister and says, "Oh, sah Lala" whenever Lola cries. Her voice gets really high and she'll go over and say, "Aww, Lala. Hug!" Then lean over and put her cheek on hers. We have to keep an eye on her though because she'll try to help and not be gentle enough. I can tell Ada just can't wait until Lola can run, "fass" with her :)


Allison and Mason: said...

Oh she is just precious!! I love that one of her all wrapped up like a little eskimo in the stroller. Such a cutie!!

:) said...

Oh my goodness- squishy and yummy for sure! She looks like a little eskimo baby!! I just want to eat her! I love love love her name too! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying every second of your two little girlies!!

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