Friday, September 16, 2011

Notes About Santa Cruz V

- You see guys like this dancing to no music in the middle of a busy intersection. I turned our radio to the rap station and blasted it for effect. But he was just dancing to the music in his head.  
- Some people say really rude things. I think they mean well, but many around these parts have no filter. Concerned citizens? Maybe. Total strangers? Yep. My baby does not have really big ears, and she does not need to grow into them. They are perfectly proportionate to her beautiful little head and you are mean.
- Dudes with no deodorant stand WAY too close behind you at the grocery store. Holy stench! (I said that. He might have heard me. If he did, he didn't care.) I might have mentioned before that stinky people were the hardest part about being pregnant in this town. Olfactory overload! 
- People have signs like this in their yard
- Little boys flash you as you drive home. We turned around so fast and found the boy's parents. He couldn't have been  more than 10 years old. I was so mad...what if Ada had seen it? Thankfully I was the only one that did, Matt was too busy watching the other kid slapping his own butt on top of a Jeep. 
- There are shops called things like, "Puff-N-Pass." Oh dear.
- We saw this on a walk, it made me feel bad for the guy! His car must have been broken into multiple times before.
- You can pick juicy, sweet, blackberries in your backyard!
- Guys in kilts go shopping at Trader Joe's
Oh Santa Cruz you are colorful & we love ya.


Erinn said...

I'm always surprised that the things tell me about Eliot. The best one yet, was another mom told me my child was over vaccinated. I figured she was too nuts to bother telling her how out of line she was.

Or another lady making comments that I'm 'too small' this pregnancy and then gave me an uh oh face. Like my poor baby is being starved.

Allison and Mason: said...

Hahaha! I love that you put music on for him!! Also... didn't we use to puff and pass as we walked around the corner at Goodwood?? I'm just sayin...

Unknown said...

That Guy dancing was awesome! Pass me some of that stuff he's puffing.

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