Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lindsay Is Here!!!

And so is Thomas Bird! He met us at Avila Beach on Friday. Thomas and I met when we were 14 years old at Education Week! 
Look how little we were! Can you tell which two we are?
We kept in touch through the years, then met up when I moved to Provo. He was one of my close friends that kept me sane while living through those awful winters! He's thinking about moving here...

how could you not love this area?! I'm a little bias, but seriously. We're spoiled. 
Lindsay flew in from Utah on Thursday night. She is going to UVU and Interning at KUTV in Salt Lake. She loves it! I'm hoping she comes and works at KCOY next summer!
Lindsay brought the umbrella, of course. I joined her for a picture...then back into the sun :) 
I have to soak up the rays before school and work start on Monday!  
Matt and Sean came up and met us for the Farmer's Market Avila has on Fridays. We had yummy fish tacos and, with a little hinting, my sweet hubby got these gorgeous lilies for me :) We wanted crepes for dessert, but didn't see Sarah & John's stand! :( So we settled for mini doughnuts instead. 


Anonymous said...

That's KUTV, thank you! KSL is the enemy... or competitor. :) Lovely shot of my cellu-thigh, by the way!

The Millers said...

Fixed :)

Gena said...

How fun! I bet you are loving having Lindsay in town. When does she fly back to Utah?

Jared and Tori said...

Yay! I miss you all! Hope you're having fun! Love ya! :)

Ashley & Nathan said...

How fun! We definately miss the beach!! I think Nathan is having surfing withdrawls :) HA HA.. The beach is the first place we are going when we get back home!!

Sarah and John Root said...

We were in no crepes :). Sorry we missed you guys!

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