Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Peek Inside My Head...

So I was cleaning out my binder to make room for my new classes this semester/quarter.
I found this in my French notes:
If you look at the date, you can see the semester was almost over. So I was a bit antsy!
It made me laugh...I have always drawn these weird cartoon thingys. I think it started in church when I was little to make my brother and sister laugh. My aunt Liz named them Goobers on Sunday when I made one with everyone's name for place cards. 
This one was Matt's favorite: 

He's saying, "Bup bup bup". Matt can't stop saying it either. He says he loves the faces I make to describe my animals...if they can be classified as animals! Lindsay wants me to draw them for her kids rooms in the future. Hopefully they don't scare the poor kiddos! :)


Sarah and John Root said...

Fun little critters :). They kinda remind me of a cross between Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) and Richard Scarry's art work.

Have fun at Chapman! I loved my time there!!! Most :) of the teachers are awesome. What is your undergrad going to be in? I did their psychology program and then their multiple subject program. When you start the credential program I hope you get Dr. Larson...she is amazing! I love her!!

Allison and Mason: said...

I actually still have one in my scripture case from our days in church!! I love these drawings and I love the sounds that they make!

Erinn said...

Your animals/ creatures are really good :)

Becky and Caleb said...

You make me laugh =)

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