Monday, August 18, 2008

Wrapping Up Summer...

On the 9th we went to Hurricane Harbor! It was SO FUN! 
Chris Drake (our cousin), Lindsay, Me, Matt, & Marc (my father-in-law) all went.
This is our "silly" picture...check out Marc's face! 
We had so much fun, my favorite is the giant Tornado!
Then this past Saturday, Matt and I went surfing at Pismo! 
Excited to go! I think Matt looks SO cute in his wetsuit!! It cracks me up, he's like a little kid in his pajamas. 
Pretty sure I was jumping around saying something like, "I'm like a seal! I'm so rubbery and warm!" 
Sweet boy waxing my board for me :)
It was a perfect day, not too big (for me, Matt could've stood bigger), no wind, glassy...I'm getting better! I do have a gnarly bruise on my upper butt/thigh from my fins hitting me on one wipeout though. I'll spare you all the pain of a picture ;)
After we were done surfing, we met my mom, sister, and Wiberg at Avila was beautiful! 
Matt overheard some tourists from France; he played frisbee & spoke French with them, they were fun! I told the little girl she was pretty in my elementary French, but she understood me! She was adorable - check out the curls (and Thibault's shirt)!
Then we left the beautiful beach when the sun was setting and headed back to Pismo for some fabulous Splash Cafe clam chowder! 
Yummmm. It was a good day. Goodbye summer...until next year :( 


Mitch said...

Is that Pancho's in the background of the picture? I think so. Maybe Matt can teach me to surf...

Kara said...

Yes it is! I bet you miss working at the ol' Pancho's huh?! :) He would love to have you as a surfing buddy...move out here please!

Gena Susan said...

That's awesome that Matt's Dad went with you young kids! He always seems like such a fun man!

Good luck with the new school year! It's always so sad to see summer end....and homework begin.

Shannon said...

Oooh that looks DIVINE! Experiencing definite beach jealousy right now. Mitch is exactly the same way in a wetsuit--like a kid at Christmas!

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