Tuesday, December 23, 2008

3rd Grade Christmas Program

The talented Mr. Stillens accompanying the 3rd graders of May Grisham!

This is Lorenzo Papworth, his family is in 2nd Ward. Isn't he ADORABLE?! I hope Lindsay has kiddos that look like him :)

That's Mrs. Botello on the right, she put the whole thing together. I remember her from Joe Nightingale! She taught us music and always said, "You can remember my name like this: Mrs. Botello plays the cello!" It worked ;)
She was so amusing, after every song when the audience would applaud, she would turn around and give a huge smile to the crowd! I don't think the performance is just for the kids!

This picture is priceless! He grabbed the microphone and it popped out of its stand. He was so scared like it was the end of the world. Look at his little worried face!

This is the boy I spend most of my work days with. It's amazing how innocent he looks in this picture ;) As stressful as those hard days can be, he really is a sweetheart! I'm totally attached to him, Lindsay says I talk about him too much. That's pretty much my work day though - and he does say some hilarious things.

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Anonymous said...

I love how much you talk about me to your friends! :) Merry Christmas Bestsisterfriendever! Muah!

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