Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

A little late, but all of the pics are on my sister's camera and she's being stingy with them! Ha ;)
. . .
We had a wonderful, relaxing day down in Santa Ynez. The Taylors (Alma & Ed Carson's daughter & her fam) invited our whole family down for the feast. They are pretty much family anyway :)

I made the Lion House rolls for last year's feast and my grandma asked me if I'd make the rolls again this year. I was telling Sean, my little brother, and he said, "Whatever happened to Nana's rolls that melted in your mouth?" He then went on to say how you just had to breathe on them and they melted, and I had no idea he cared so much about food! If you know Sean, you know he's not one to get passionate or outspoken about many things. I thought it was too cute that he loved these rolls Nana used to make, so I had to make them this year.
Here's the trick - dipping them in butter before rolling them up!

Alma's orange rolls on the left, Nana's buttery ones I made on the right.

We took some family pictures in the Taylor's gorgeous backyard. Lindsay's Rebel is so nice that Matt & I decided to get one for Christmas too! :)

When we came home and were divvying up leftovers, Sean was standing in the kitchen looking around. He then said, "I'm just gonna take some rolls." Grabbed a bag of them, and walked out! Love ya Sean!

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Gena Susan said...

Yummy- those rolls sound so good. Anything dipped in butter is better! :)

Love all the pictures! Your fam is so gorgeous!

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